‘Game 4 Was Ultimate Proof Of Why LeBron James Went To Miami’

The Miami Heat avoided being pushed to the brink of elimination by the San Antonio Spurs with a 109-93 win in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. CBSSports.com NBA Insider Ken Berger talked with Doug Gottlieb about the performance of Miami’s Big Three in Game 4.

“I think this was the ultimate proof of why LeBron went to Miami in the first place,” Berger said. “He’s already been down this road where he had to do it all and he wasn’t getting enough help in Cleveland. It happened in the finals against the Spurs six years and it was happening to a startling degree in the first three games of this series and he needed his guys. He needs [Dwyane] Wade and [Chris] Bosh and he finally got them back last night.”

The biggest concern for the Spurs entering Game 4 was the status of Tony Parker’s hamstring, which he strained in Game 3. Without Parker, the Spurs’ chances of winning the series take a hit, but it seems like the Spurs point guard will good to go in Game 5.

“Today, [Gregg] Popovich said, ‘There’s no concern about his availability for Game 5,'” Berger said. ‘He’ll be fine, but as anybody knows, anybody who’s ever had a hamstring pull, it’s not something that goes away.”

With Parker’s hamstring came the question of whether or not Popovich and the Spurs pulled up by taking it easy with Parker in Game 4 in hopes of resting his hamstring and hoping it heals more for the rest of the series.

“I would not risk “mailing in a game” and keeping him fresh for later in the series because sometimes if you do that, there’s no later in the series,” Berger said. “They had a chance to throw a knockout punch and they made a go of it and it didn’t work out.”


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