Doc Rivers: ‘I Loved Boston’

Doc Rivers is officially the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. The former Boston Celtics head coach was introduced by the Clippers at a press conference on Wednesday and Rivers talked with Doug Gottlieb about when conversation started that he could be traded from the Celtics to the Clippers.

“I guess about 10 or 14 days ago,” Rivers said. “I think what drove it a little bit was my indecision on whether I was going to come back and coach or not. I have gone through that the last two or three years.”

The Clippers weren’t the only team that wanted to make a deal with the Celtics for Rivers, but it was the interest from the Clippers that caught Rivers’ attention as a possible destination.

“I said, ‘What teams have interest in me?'” Rivers said. “I guess there had been some interest and he told me about them (the Clippers) and a couple of other teams that I’m not going to mention and I just said you should look into it.”

“I just felt like I had been there nine years,” Rivers said. “I kept hearing how Boston is as far as media is and all that. I loved it. I loved the intensity.”

The league has stopped any other trades between the Clippers and Celtics for this season and that means that Rivers won’t be coaching Garnett this season. And according to Rivers, the two haven’t talked since he stopped being head coach of the Celtics.

“Not since I’ve left, but we talked right before so we have talked,” Rivers said. “And that’s the saddest part. I didn’t want to give up anything either. It was comical in some ways because I’m sitting here thinking it looks like there’s a chance this thing is going to get done, can I keep DeAndre Jordan and Kevin? Once you know you may go to the other team then you want everybody.”


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