Dale Murphy: ‘Zero Tolerance And Lifetime Bans Needed To Change PED Culture’

Ryan Braun is still the only player to be suspended in connection to the Biogenesis investigation, but there are reportedly still several suspensions set to be handed out. Two-time NL MVP Dale Murphy talked with Doug Gottlieb about performance-enhancing drugs and his reaction to Braun’s 65-game suspension.

“I need to preface my remarks, I think, because our generation didn’t do enough,” Murphy said. “We kind of laid the groundwork for this mess that’s going through right now by fighting drug testing and eventually the players union agreed to it. So I applaud what they’re doing and I applaud the progress they’ve made.”

During Murphy’s playing days, baseball wanted to get rid of gambling completely from the game and did so by scaring players and making an example of Pete Rose and it seems like baseball might need to go that route again to end the rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs.

“You wanted to scare players,” Murphy said. “You wanted them to not associate with gamblers. You got calls from the commissioner’s office if you were associating with gamblers, not even connected to baseball. You got a talk in spring training every year from somebody in the FBI, who literally scared you and said, ‘If you are in debt to these guys, you will pay them’ …  The bottom line is you don’t want you to get in debt to gamblers. We don’t want you gambling on baseball, so you’re suspended from the game for a lifetime ban.”

So what’s Murphy’s solution? The same solution baseball used with gambling.

“If you’re interested in really changing the culture, eventually we have to get to the point of zero tolerance and lifetime bans.”



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