Tajh Boyd: ‘I Don’t Think There Could Be A Better Game On TV Than Clemson-Georgia’

College football season is just days away and to kick off the 2013 season the marquee matchup of the opening weekend is Clemson-Georgia. Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd talked with Doug Gottlieb about the anticipation of the first game after an offseason of waiting.

“I’m super excited I think that I don’t think that there could be a better game on TV than this one, definitely a premiere matchup, one of the games that you want to play in as a kid,” Boyd said. “One of the things that you look at is to to embrace the moment and that’s what I plan on doing here.”

When it comes to preparing for Georgia, Boyd and the Tigers can’t prepare to face the same team they watch on film that nearly beat Alabama since the majority of the Bulldogs’ defense are no longer on the team.

“Well, this is a little different because when you’re watching film you’re not really necessarily watching those guys,” Boyd said. “They have about three guys that played for that defense last year that will be playing for those guys this year, so for us it’s all about showing we can be prepared for anything that comes out way.”

With preseason rankings come preseason predictions, which include preseason Heisman picks and Boyd has been a popular choice though he knows in August that doesn’t mean anything.

“It’s an honor and it’s a lot of work that goes toward that, but for right now it’s just preseason of course,” Boyd said. “I would love to be mentioned with that toward November-December area, but for right now it’s an honor because you feel like you have the respect of the country.”

Another Heisman candidate is the defending Heisman winner in Johnny Manziel whose playing status is under question because of an investigation regarding him making money off autographs. Boyd was cleared of similar trouble in the past, but he says things like this can be out of a player’s control.

“The fact of that matter is things are going to get sold,” Boyd said. “We’re in positions all the time where the only way out is to sign some things … For me I take pleasure in signing fan’s autographs … The big speculation is do athletes take money when you signs those things? It’s just the nature of the business. There are going to be things getting sold.”


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