Prince Amukamara: ‘Giants Did A Great Job Getting The Right Tools’

This past weekend, Prince Amukamara – and several other G-Men – attended a bar mitzvah for a boy named A.J., who was celebrating his journey into manhood

One might assume that this was Amukamara’s first bar mitzvah. It wasn’t.

“That was actually my second,” Amukamara said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “My first one was last year, and that was actually on a Saturday, and I guess Saturday is called (shabbat), so it means they can’t have music on Saturday. But it was still a great time. It just wasn’t as eventful as the one I went to on Sunday.”

Amukamara was there along with teammates Walter Thurmond, Henry Hynoski and Michael Cox, as well as former Giants Ahmad Bradshaw, Ottis Anderson and Stephen Baker.

The outing was organized by Tiki Barber, who runs Thuzio – a company that allows people to hire famous people to appear at various functions.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Amukamara said. “I was just told that these guys want us here for about two hours, and they just told me the dress was cocktail attire and I just showed up.”

New York fans hope the Giants do that this season – and sooner rather than later. The Giants started 0-6 last year before finishing 7-9.

Amukamara is optimistic about this season, mainly because he thinks the Giants did a great job in free agency. They signed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond, among others, and drafted Odell Beckham Jr. and Andre Williams.

“I think we did a great job getting the right tools that we needed,” Amukamara said. “I think just because it’s a new year, it gives us a new chance and another opportunity to be great.”

That’s if they can survive OTAs, which has been a struggle for their NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. Linebacker Sean Lee left OTAs with a left knee injury on Tuesday. It is feared to be a torn ACL.

Amukamara’s mindset when it comes to OTAs is simple: Be careful.

“It’s definitely not something we have to do because it is optional,” he said. “It’s optional/mandatory. You know how that works. I think veterans or guys that have been in the league for a couple years, I think they know how to practice. And that’s what Coach (Tom) Coughlin was telling us – for the rookies to watch the veterans and see how they practice. I think we practice smart and we have a good idea of how much tempo to give and how hard to go.”

While Lee was hurt on the field, some Giants have had problems off it. Beckham Jr. is apparently the victim of an Internet hoax in which a woman – who does not exist, by the way – claimed to be his fiance. Not only that, but the personality accused Beckham Jr. of cheating on her.

“I don’t know what to say about this situation,” Amukamara said. “That’s just funny.”

Speaking of women, Amukamara, 24, got married this year – and he was a virgin when he did. Amukamara insists that his wait-for-marriage views were not a problem when he came into the league in 2011.

“Man, you know what?” Amukamara said. “Guys in the locker room definitely respected that. And I was definitely always included to hang out with the guys, especially my first year I was single.”

Amukamara and his teammates, especially the defensive backs, would often go out to dinner and talk about their personal lives.

“They definitely included me, and I definitely enjoyed myself with that,” Amukamara said.

Gottlieb asked if it was worth the wait.

“Yes, yes, definitely – definitely worth the wait,” Amukamara said. “I have nobody to compare my wife to, so all I know is that she’s the best and it definitely created a better bond between us. So for me, it was definitely, definitely worth the wait.”


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