The Weekly Rewind On The Doug Gottlieb Show – 7/14-7/18

MLB Hall of Famer 

“Go play flag football. Go play other sports and forget about baseball for awhile,” he said. “The sad part is, when you get into high school, a lot of the coaches make you pick a sport, but that needs to change. Coaches need to realize that if you have a good athlete, let him play basketball, baseball, football – whatever he wants. And he will decide which direction he needs to go when he finishes high school.”

DENNIS DODD – 7/17/14 college football analyst 

“It’s not a star-studded lineup in the SEC this year,” college football analyst Dennis Dodd said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “That’s not to say they won’t compete for championships and be great, but (there aren’t any big names). I mean, obviously (Nick) Saban is the biggest celebrity when he makes his entrance. But I would submit the two best stories around here are (the suspension of Auburn quarterback) Nick Marshall, who has a chance to be (SEC) Player of the Year. That was Gus Malzahn’s choice. And then (LSU running back) Leonard Fournette – who’s supposed to be the next Herschel (Walker), the next Adrian Peterson – didn’t come (to SEC Media Day) because he’s a freshman. I think the future is in the future for the SEC now.”

The Big Lead NBA writer 

“Financially, I don’t think the salaries match up, and I think Minnesota thinks they’re sitting on a gold mine. They’ve got a top-five player by almost any statistical measure, and he’s the best player at his position in the league. But (if) you give up Wiggins, (Dion) Waiters and a pick, you’re sacrificing youth, cap flexibility – because you’ve got to max out Kevin Love – and then you’re going to run into the same situation LeBron had in Miami: You’ve got three guys, you’ve got no bench and you’ve got all old guys who you need to contribute. And then what do you have? You’ve got nothing.”




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