The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind – 8/4-8/8

ANDRE REED – 8/4/14
NFL Hall of Famer

“The thing that hit me (first) was the Gold Jacket dinner (last Friday). Hearing from other Hall of Famers, what it’s like when you go through the gauntlet of the other Hall of Famers and get up on stage and you take your jacket off and you put that gold jacket on – it’s just a different feel. It’s like no other jacket. There’s so much that not only goes into that jacket, but you represent what the Hall of Fame stands for and what those guys that shaped the game . . . stand for. That was probably the signature moment early in the week besides the actual enshrinement itself.”

MLS and U.S. soccer player

“You could feel it (in Brazil). Outside of Brazil, the most tickets sold were by America. Seeing the support that we had in the stadiums that we were playing in, it was almost like a home away from home. And then seeing some of the videos and pictures of the bars being packed and restaurants so packed that people can’t get in and everybody with the jerseys on and filling up stadiums to watch the game on the Jumbotron and stuff like that – it’s awesome to see how far the game has come in the States and hopefully it continues to go in that direction. The fans don’t have to wait too long because in two years another big tournament will be on American soil.”

Newsweek senior writer

“As an adjective, it means suitable or proper. But as a verb, it means to take something for one’s own use – typically without the owner’s permission. That’s why this is such a good word to discuss the whole Redskins issue. You’re asking (whether it is) appropriate, but aren’t we the ones who appropriated it? To me, it’s up to people who are Native American to decide whether or not they think it’s appropriate.”

Golden State Warriors and USA basketball guard

“We’re committed. We’re going to go out and win the gold for Paul and do our thing over in Spain. But I haven’t really thought about two years from now. I guess everybody has to make a decision based on where they are when that time comes. It’s hard to kind of put yourself two years ahead from now.”


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