The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind – 8/18-8/22

NFL on CBS Today analyst

“But flipping the bird, I had enough. Enough’s enough already. He has to grow up. And right now, for his own good, I would keep him off the field.”
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PETER KOSTIS – 8/21/14
CBS golf analyst

“Those are three (impressive) tournaments to win. The way he’s done it, I think he’s given people pause to think, ‘You know what? This is the stuff that Tiger used to do. So he’s become electric. He’s become the possibility of the next great superstar in golf, I think.”
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HUTSON MASON – 8/21/14
Georgia Bulldogs quarterback

“I have high expectations for myself and this team just because I know what we’re capable of doing. The only thing you can really ask for being in my position is having a lot of guys come back and a lot of talent around you – and we clearly have that.”
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GREG COSELL – 8/22/14
NFL Films guru

“On an NFL field, he’s an average athlete. I think most people assumed that he’d go out and make his random, arbitrary plays – his wonderful improvisational plays – and that would be his game. It’s hard to be great playing that way.”
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