The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 9/1-9/5

Former NFL QB 

“I do feel like he’s good enough to play in the league. I watched him play. Not a lot of guys get two-and-a-half, three sacks (in the preseason). I’ve been around football for a long time. It does seem to me like he is talented enough to play in the NFL.”
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USC head football coach

“He put all of us in a tough situation. None of us are pleased about it. We’re all disappointed about it. But we also know Josh Shaw. We know who he is and (that) he stood for more than just this one instance. It’s going to take some time. It’s going to take some healing. It’s going to take our leadership committee, myself (and) our coaching staff to figure that out. We don’t have to rush to any decisions right now. It’s not on the forefront of our minds, quite honestly. When the time comes to deal with it, we will.”
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Florida State wide receiver

“Once I (saw) daylight, I pretty much knew it was off to the races. I knew (no one) was catching me. Nobody’s catching me from behind.”
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DOUG MARTIN – 9/3/14
Tampa Bay Bucs running back

“Me being out for a year, I kind of feel like this is another rookie season. I have a lot of confidence in my abilities, and I have confidence in this line. We have a lot of weapons on offense and our defense is pretty good. We’re going to put our best product out there.”
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St. Louis Cardinals outfielder

“Winning the division’s huge – and the play-in game has made it even bigger. All you’re getting, really, with a Wild Card is a chance to play one more game. Anything can happen in a one-game setup. You really want to win the division. These are huge games.”
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BRADY QUINN – 9/4/14
Former NFL QB

“I don’t have any ill will toward Cleveland. I personally felt like I really didn’t get to finish what I had kind of started, and obviously it didn’t help that we had a coaching change, the GM changed and then all of a sudden the people who were involved in drafting you are no longer on your side and supporting you.”
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Los Angeles Angels pitcher

“But I definitely think that losing Cespedes changes that lineup. Jon Lester is an unbelievable starting pitcher, but ti’s impossible to replace somebody like Cespedes.”
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