The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 9/8-9/12

Tennessee Titans tight end 

“When you run off the field and you see no one in the crowd, that’s the best feeling in the world. Knowing that we came into Arrowhead and won like that – basically (because we were more physical) – that’s a great feeling. We were excited, but we knew we could do that. The type of team we got, the type of players we have here, we knew we could go in there and do that. But it felt good just to see all (those) empty seats as we’re running off the field.”
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CBS This Morning co-host

“A lot of critics of commissioner Goodell said maybe Goodell didn’t want to see what was on this video tape. He told me that absolutely he would have wanted to know what was on this tape. He said if they did know what was on this tape, it would have changed his initial decision to suspend Ray Rice for just two games – meaning Ray Rice would’ve been on the field next week.”
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FRANK BEAMER – 9/10/14
Virginia Tech head coach

“Ohio State’s a very talented team, a very well-coached football team. Our kids went up there, played great. I thought our coaches really coached well, so that’s a good combination. We came out of there with a win. But the thing we’re doing right now is concentrating on East Carolina. You kind of have to go on. If we don’t show up and play well against East Carolina, the win over Ohio State won’t mean a lot. That’s all we’ve got to get done.”
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FRED JACKSON – 9/10/14
Buffalo Bills running back

“That one’s got to be (my) No.1 (stiff arm) just because it helped us win the football game. Any time you can make a play like that and you win the game, I think it definitely magnifies the result.”
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JACK FORD – 9/11/14
CBS News legal analyst

“If I’m the prosecutor and I’m putting this case together and I’ve got this evidence, I’m not sharing it with private citizens – even if it’s the NFL. I got a job to do. I don’t go sharing my evidence with private citizens, no matter how much respect I might have for them. Legally, if this is being presented to a grand jury, it may be illegal to leak that out – because what happens in a grand jury is supposed to remain secret and sacrosanct.”
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