The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 9/15-9/19

Oregon Ducks quarterback

“Obviously you want to see the Pac-12 play well. You want to see all the Pac-12 teams do well against out-of-conference competition. You kind of tend to watch games and hope for the best for each of those teams. But for all of us, we can’t control those things. We just intend to focus on what we have to do and leave the rest up (to everybody else).”
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ZAC STACY – 9/15/14
St. Louis Rams running back

“No matter how you get it – any time you get a win – (it feels good). From that standpoint, we got the W, but there’s so much stuff we can improve on (and so many things) we can correct. That’s what we’re most excited about. Take advantage of each and every week, take advantage of each and every play, play our football and don’t worry about anything else and go from there.”
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New England Patriots safety

“I don’t have any control over that, but it’s just tough to watch. He was part of a lot of things that happened at the school. He did great things for the university. I think they’re doing what they have to do, but it won’t take away some of the great things he’s done for the university and the community.”
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New York Jets linebacker

“It’s the best. I wouldn’t want to play for any other head coach. He’s a great defensive mind. I’ve learned so much about playing defense by the way he strategically plans for an opponent. I don’t think anyone in the league looks forward to coming in and playing against a Rex Ryan defense, let alone a Rex Ryan team. We just have to be more consistent in executing what our coaches are asking us to do. I think our coaches did great last game putting us in position to be successful. We didn’t do what we needed to do technically for four quarters to be successful. We can’t allow that.”
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ANDY DALTON – 9/17/14
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback

“I think for us and for me personally, until I win a (playoff) game, it’s what everybody’s going to be able to say. For us, our goal’s to get back to the playoffs. We got to earn our way back there. And when we get there, the goal of this team – and my goal – isn’t just to win one. It’s to win one and make a run at it and win the whole thing. That’s the mindset you have to have. Until we get that victory in the playoffs, that’s going to be the knock on me and this team.”
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JAKE WATERS – 9/17/14
Kansas State quarterback

“The biggest challenge is playing the game against a great team like Auburn. The SEC gets a lot of credit and a lot of exposure – but deservedly so. They’re consistently in the top 10, top 25 and playing for national championships. We know that if we’re fortunate to come out with a win, that would help Kansas State as a program – and the Big 12. It’s definitely going to be a huge challenge for us. We’re excited. But it would definitely help out the Big 12.”
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Nebraska running back

“I wouldn’t change a thing. Just being back with my friends, being back with this family – I really love the guys who I encounter every day. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s really made me a better man. I had a lot of growing up to do from January to now. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot and there’s a lot more things I’ve gained that’ll help me out much more in life in the long run.”
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KENNY PERRY – 9/18/14
Professional golfer

“I’m totally disagreeing with him. I played my best golf in 2008-09. I was 48 and 49 years old. I won three times in ’08. I won twice in ’09, I lost the Masters in a playoff (and) had a great Ryder Cup. I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s thinking there. He’s won four majors. He’s confident – maybe a little arrogant there – but I still think there’s a lot of game in these guys. To me, (it’s) how much do they want it? How much do they want to push themselves to be the best again? If they want it, Rory’s going to have his hands full.”
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Washington Redskins offensive lineman

“Looking back on it, I wouldn’t want to be raised any other way. Of course words can teach you right from wrong, but a butt-whopping is a real good deterrent. I feel like it helped me become the man I am today.”
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DR. PHIL – 9/18/14
Host of Dr. Phil on CBS

“People don’t talk about (domestic abuse and child abuse) a whole lot because there are just certain things you don’t talk about in polite society, as they say. But one in four women are the subject of some type of abuse or assault during their adult life, and it is probably the most underreported crime in America because people don’t come forward because they’re embarrassed. Who wants to talk about that?”
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