Kevin Chapman: ‘Some Of The Best On Network TV Today’

You might know Kevin Chapman as Detective Lionel Fusco on the hit TV drama Person of Interest. Well, Kevin Chapman’s wife knows Doug Gottlieb as a UConn hater.

“My wife is on you like sweat on a hot day,” Chapman said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “My wife’s a UConn alum and she says you show no love – no love for the Huskies.”

Gottlieb denied nothing.

“I hate UConn,” he said. “(I hate) Syracuse. Who else do I hate? Kentucky. Green Bay’s receivers because I said I didn’t see them as elite. I saw them as good. The elite guy’s the quarterback. Russell Wilson because I don’t think he’s as good as Andrew Luck, but I think he’s obviously a good player. It’s funny. (More so with) college sports, if you say one thing that’s not completely positive – because of how college sports have always been covered – you’re seen as that hater.”

All right, let’s take a break from sports just for a second and talk Person of Interest, as Season 4 debuted Tuesday night on CBS. If we don’t already watch this show, why should we?

“We’ve been a top-10 show for the first three years on television,” Chapman said. “We’ve got a great cast. The writing is just (great). I personally feel (it’s) some of the best on network television today. We’ve got an incredible, incredible writing staff, and we’ve got a really diverse cast. It’s really something that is very unique.”

The show, which debuted in 2011, is about a former CIA operative recruited by a private billionaire to prevent crimes.

“The NSA is starting to make us look like a reality show,” Chapman said. “We’ve been talking about the cultivation of phone numbers and your electronic footprint for over three years now, and it’s starting to come to light – that Big Brother is, in fact, watching.”

Chapman, 52, is known for his thick Boston accent. Many acting coaches over the years told him to get rid of it, but he refused.

“It is who I am,” he said. “If I was Australian, and I walked in here with an Australian accent, it would never be mentioned. Boston is the only accent in the world that when you walk in a room, people go, ‘Oh, you’re from Bah-ston.’ New York is far more accepted universally without a doubt.”

The New York accent may be more accepted, but at least New England football is better – this year, anyway. Both the Jets and Giants are 1-2, while the Patriots are 2-1.

But they’re an uneasy 2-1.

The Patriots were held scoreless in the second half in Week 1, scored two offensive touchdowns in Week 2 and were held to 16 points in Week 3. In fact, New England has scored just five offensive touchdowns through three games.

“I’ll give you some scoop,” Chapman said. “They’re talking to Richie Incognito.”

Apparently that’s what happens when you trade away six-time Pro Bowler Logan Mankins right before the season. The Patriots rank 27th in the league in passing offense and 22nd in rushing offense.

Asked if he thought the Patriots might be interested in Ray Rice, Chapman insisted they didn’t need him.

“We got Shane Vereen,” he said. “And with Vereen and Ridley you got a (good) 1-2 punch. Once the offensive line gets organized, I think the holes will be there. The only thing with Ridley is he has a tough time hanging on to the ball. If I was the coach, I would make him carry a ball with him every day, and I would make him give a hundred dollar bill to every player who gets it away from him throughout the course of the day.”

Wow, that’s old-school Boston for you.

Anyway, watch Person of Interest, folks.

It’s a good show.


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