The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 9/22-9/26

BOB STOOPS – 9/22/14
Oklahoma Sooners head coach

“We’re getting to where we want to be. We’re definitely stronger (and) more physical than where we were a year ago – really at every position.”
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CYRUS GRAY – 9/22/14
Kansas City Chiefs running back

“My touchdown dance, it was very interesting. You don’t get a chance to score in the NFL that often, so when you do, you got to take advantage of it. So I was just so excited, I just came out with that dance. All my guys liked it, so I had fun with it.”
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New Orleans Saints running back

“You always think (you have a good team if you have a good record in the preseason). As soon as the regular season starts, it’s a reality check if you’re not on your p’s and q’s. If you’re not doing your job (and you get overconfident), you’re going to get slapped in the face. We got slapped in the face early. We (had) to get a wake-up call and that was our wake-up call to say, ‘Hey, this is not going to be easy. Even though we think we got a good team, we still got to put in a lot of work.’ We see that. We know that now.”
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Actor in Person of Interest

“We’ve been a top-10 show for the first three years on television. We’ve got a great cast. The writing is just (great). I personally feel (it’s) some of the best on network television today. We’ve got an incredible, incredible writing staff, and we’ve got a really diverse cast. It’s really something that is very unique.”
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KEENAN ALLEN – 9/24/14
San Diego Chargers wide receiver

“I think teams were just scared that the injury was going to linger on and whoever got me was going to get to benefit. The Chargers wanted me, and I just try to go out and play my game.”
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Indianapolis Colts running back

“It was like losing a family member. I became family with a lot of those guys up in New York. I just felt like that was my home. It’s kind of like losing a family member. There’s a lot of devastation just knowing that you have to leave your family.”
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TAYSOM HILL – 9/25/14
BYU quarterback

“Growing up, I think that’s something like a childhood dream. It’s out there. You think of how neat it would be to have an opportunity to compete and be in the conversation with something like that. So it is fun. It’s an honor. But honestly, I do my best to not pay too much attention to it, to kind of stay out of the media and worry about the things that I can control. Those things that I can control (are) how well we as an offensive unit play (and) how well I play. Hopefully what I do on the field (and) off the field will be good enough to have an opportunity to be in a situation where I’m in New York at the end of the year.”
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ERIC DECKER – 9/25/14
New York Jets wide receiver

“Yeah, I was being smart about it. I didn’t take a lot of reps, but I knew going (into last week) that I wasn’t going to be able to play the whole game, and I had to be careful with what I was doing. But you know your body well enough. You can tell the difference between having tightness and having hurt tightness where it can cause some bigger issues. I got tight, loosened up and decided just to shut it down so I could be better going into the future.”
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