The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 10/6-10/10

EVAN ENGRAM – 10/6/14
Ole Miss tight end

“After the game, every fan I ran into, I thanked them just for their excitement they brought to the game, the atmosphere they created. They definitely played a part in the win. A lot of people don’t really give credit to the fans. But just how loud we were on Saturday and the excitement and the craziness that was surrounding us definitely helped us get the W.”
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San Diego Chargers running back

“You always think about and visualize these type of things happening, most definitely. But it was a real relief. The offensive line did a great job. Philip Rivers himself was checking out of pass plays to get into run plays. That helped a whole lot. And we got the shutout. That helped my confidence even more.”
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Cleveland Browns linebacker

“Man, I think we’re real good. I think we got what it takes to go all the way, go the long haul. We got it, man. We got the talent here. We got the togetherness. It’s all coming together. We got a couple learning curves to get over, and once we do, it’s going to be a beautiful thing in Cleveland.”
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BILLY BUTLER – 10/9/14
Kansas City Royals first baseman

“I know it’d be like deja vu. I know it’d be extremely intense yet again. But I just think we’re focusing on Baltimore right now. We’ll watch that series too along the way. It would be fun to have an I-70 series, but we don’t need to get ahead of ourselves.”
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