The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 10/20-10/24

BRETT FAVRE – 10/21/14
Former NFL legendary QB

“Tom has gotten it done lately with a lot less, but I don’t know. That’s a toss-up. I’d have to go with Peyton, I believe. But you can’t go wrong with either. (A lot of) people have written (Brady) off, and that’s foolish to write him off. I think he’s got a lot of good football left.”
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MATT HOLLIDAY – 10/21/14
St. Louis Cardinals outfielder

“Shoot, probably just the little lapses we had maybe defensively early on in the series. I think if we could have won the first two games at home, obviously it takes a different look as it heads to San Francisco. You’re guaranteed to get back to St. Louis. So maybe that. I don’t know. In a seven-game series, trying to pick one thing out that could’ve turned the course of the series is pretty tough to do.”
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Kansas City Chiefs running back

“He just lets us go and relax our body and lets us do us. Coach Reid is a great coach. He’s not just a great coach. He’s a great person as well. He’s like a dad to all of us and he’s got a great heart. He just gives us the whole week off to rest our bodies.”
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CODY KESSLER – 10/22/14
USC quarterback

“Obviously everyone was here last year when Coach (Ed Orgeron) took over. He was a great coach. He taught me a lot of things – not only as a football player, but as a man. I’ll always respect him and be thankful that I got to play under him. But when Coach Sark took over, I think he was the perfect man for the job. Coach O had just got let go, a lot of guys on the team were really close to him, and so it was a tough time for them. And Coach Sark took it head on. He did a great job and kind of picked it up and never looked back and has really been working hard with this team. We’re really close from being an undefeated football team.”
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Buffalo Bills linebacker

“I’m okay with (how we’ve played), but there’s still a lot of room for improvement overall. Lot of room for improvement, but we’re doing okay.”
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ALEX COBB – 10/24/14
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher

“I honestly didn’t even know he had an option left in his contract. But after hearing that he wanted to stay for a long time and just knowing how much he loves the community in Tampa Bay and how comfortable he is – he’s got his home there, he’s opening up a new restaurant – (it was surprising).”
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TCU head football coach

“For us going forward, you’ve got to be able to (stay humble) and understand that everybody you play is athletic enough (that) they can beat you. We’re going to have to be able to take it one game at a time.”
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LAMAR MILLER – 10/24/14
Miami Dolphins running back

“I think a lot of guys, we bonded together better. We have a good relationship. I think we got a lot of talent on this team. We just got to make a run. We’re just trying to keep it going.”
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