Warren Moon: ‘Already Have Turned Season Around’

The Seattle Seahawks got a much-needed win this past Sunday, outlasting the Panthers in Carolina, 13-9, to stay within two games of Arizona (6-1), which leads the NFC West.

“Well, I expected a close game going in just because we’ve played them that way the last two years,” NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and Seahawks color analyst Warren Moon said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “It was no different this year. It was a very close football game. It came right down to the end like last year. Last year, we had to make a play on defense. We forced a fumble on our own 6-yard line as they were going in (for potentially) the winning score and (we won). This year, same thing. Close ball game, neither team played their best football, turned the football over on both sides – but when it came down to winning time, that’s where Russell Wilson stepped up and made plays on that last drive and won the football game. So it was basically how I thought it was going to go.”

Wilson threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Luke Willson with 47 seconds to go to win the game. It was Willson’s only catch of the afternoon.

Marshawn Lynch, meanwhile, carried 14 times for 62 yards and had one catch on four targets for two yards.

Doug Gottlieb thought that Lynch, who is reportedly on his way out of Seattle after the season, didn’t run with a lot of energy early on against Carolina. Moon, however, didn’t see that.

“No, I really didn’t,” he said. “I thought he carried the ball pretty well in the ball game. He had one big run where he carried guys for about 15 yards. But he did mishandle a couple of passes. He’s usually a little bit more sure-handed of a receiver. But other than that, I thought Marshawn was fine.”

Given the drama surrounding Wilson, Lynch and Percy Harvin in recent weeks, it’s pretty impressive that Seattle got a road victory against an equally desperate team.

“(The Seahawks) might have been a little bit distracted going into that ball game just because of all the other things that were going on, but they had had a team meeting the night before and I think they worked a lot of things out between them,” Moon said. “And the biggest thing they talked about was . . . they just hadn’t been playing with (energy) and they needed to get back to playing with that energy – and I think you saw a lot of that, especially in the second half of that ball game. The defense really stepped it up and didn’t let Carolina have anything, and the offense played a lot better in the second half as well.”

Moon also addressed the asinine notion that Wilson was not “black enough” according to some of his teammates.

“There’s a lot of different kind of blacks – just like there’s a lot of different kinds of whites,” Moon said. “We come from a lot of different types of environments and backgrounds and different things like that. I don’t know how you can stereotype one type of black or one type of white or one type of Asian or whatever. Because we all come from different backgrounds, different accents. That’s what makes America so great because we all are so different.”

Seattle (4-3) now heads home for two games against the Raiders (0-7) and Giants (3-4). Is it possible the Seahawks will turn it around?

“I think they already have,” Moon said. “I think that game was a big stepping stone for that. To have all that controversy swirling around going into that ball game . . . (and) you’re able to go out and get a big win on the road in a very hostile environment against a team that’s struggling just as much as you are to get a win – I think it was a big win for them. They were able to pull that close game out. I think they can just breathe a little easier now.”


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