Los Angeles Clippers guard

“I’m honestly not sure he’s there yet because there’s still some great players in their prime, but I think he’s definitely on the uprise. He’s a guy that will be reckoned with in the future.”
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WARREN MOON – 10/28/14
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Seahawks analyst

“I think that game was a big stepping stone for that. To have all that controversy swirling around going into that ball game . . . (and) you’re able to go out and get a big win on the road in a very hostile environment against a team that’s struggling just as much as you are to get a win – I think it was a big win for them. They were able to pull that close game out. I think they can just breathe a little easier now.”
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Utah football head coach

“There’s so many challenges ahead that we don’t look past (the next game). Every Saturday is the Super Bowl for us. It’s all about Arizona State. If we’re able to find some wins throughout the second half of the year and keep playing well, then I think our guys will be rewarded appropriately – whatever that may be. But to be honest with you, we don’t ever even talk about bowl games or postseason or any of that stuff. What we got in front of us is enough to get our full attention (on a weekly basis).”
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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker

“No matter (which) players you have or (how you’re playing), who plays (better) that night is going to decide who wins. No matter what sport you’re playing. Any given Sunday. If the best team in the world isn’t focused or on their right game, (they can lose). You have to always come and play because you’re dealing with the best players in the world.”
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KYLE KORVER – 10/30/14
Atlanta Hawks guard

“We’ll find something. You have to go big.”
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