Of all the schools that recruited Dak Prescott out of high school, only a handful wanted him to play quarterback. One of those schools was Mississippi State.

Wise choice by the Bulldogs.

“I knew what I had to offer,” Prescott said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I knew there was still a lot of growing for me to do in the position as a football player – (both) with the knowledge of the quarterback position and the game as a whole. So just knowing there was a lot left in me at the position, why give it up so early?”

All of Starkville is glad he didn’t, as Prescott has Mississippi State (8-0, 5-0) sitting pretty at No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings. The only sad thing is, Prescott’s mother isn’t here to see it.

She died of colon cancer last year.

“It’s tough,” Prescott said. “Every day is tough. Every moment you want to think about it, but I just like to think about the good memories rather than her being sick and the things that were tough on her. She just made me a better person and makes me more positive about the situations I encounter. Through her whole fight with cancer, she was always positive, always had a good attitude about it. I think if I can carry that same mindset with everything that I do with every situation life gives me, I’ll be okay in life.”

Whenever Mississippi State scores a touchdown or wins a game, Prescott points to the sky to acknowledge his mother. If he could tell her one thing, he’d tell her two: He’d tell her thank you, and he’d tell her he loves her.

“That just goes for everything that she taught me verbally and just through the way she carried herself through everything,” Prescott said. “I just want to say thank you. I love her. She means everything to me.”

Yes, it isn’t lost on Prescott, a Heisman Trophy favorite, just how special this season has been.

“It means a lot for this program,” he said. “For the university, it means a lot. We’ve come a long way since Coach Mullen’s been here, and the things he’s instilled in this program is coming along. Everyone here tries to carry themselves like a champion. With No. 1 being next to our name, it kind of helps you come in every day with that same attitude and mindset.”

Winning the Heisman Trophy would be fitting for Prescott, who grew up idolizing Tim Tebow. Prescott sees a few similarities between the two: they’re both hard-nosed runners who can still beat you with their arm. How much of a Tebow fan was Prescott? He named his dog – a labrador and golden retriever mix – after the former Florida star. The only difference? Prescott, a Louisiana native, spelled it “Tebaux” to put “a little cajun on it.”

While you might not know a lot about Prescott, you probably know even less about many of his teammates. The one we should definitely know more about, Prescott said, is redshirt senior Ben Beckwith, who walked on to the team as a tight end, moved to offensive lineman, comes to practice every day, lays it on the line for his teammates and had twice been named SEC Lineman of the Week – once at guard and once at center.

“He really just shows who this team is: a bunch of hard-working guys who weren’t really given anything but they’re going to work hard and earn everything,” Prescott said. “I think the world of Ben Beckwith.”


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