New Orleans Saints tight end

“Any good team that is not performing . . . up to their potential, there are things going on behind the scenes,”
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San Francisco 49ers linebacker

“But at the end of the day, we can’t use that for an excuse. We always talk about one man (going) down is another man’s time to go up there and shine. We have players on this football team to step into those roles and get it done. We just haven’t been doing that. And I’m not just talking about offense. I’m not pointing fingers at defense or special teams. Just as a group, we haven’t played the way we know we’re capable of playing. That’s on us. It’s on us to get this thing turned around.”
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ADAM SILVER – 11/4/14
NBA commissioner 

“I think we would have a better draft. We would have more mature players coming into the league. i think college basketball would benefit, but that wouldn’t be my intention in doing it. But I think better competition in college basketball would be better for the NBA as well. The guys come into the league with more experience, (they’re more) mature and (they’re) better known by the public. That’s something that I’m sure, as your listeners know, we have to negotiate with the union. But if you told me I could unilaterally do one thing, I would raise the minimum age.”
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Arizona Cardinals safety

“I think he’ll be a great head coach for sure. I hope he doesn’t leave us. I got another year on my contract, so maybe he’ll stay one more year and then we can talk about him being a head coach.”
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Detroit Lions safety

“We have pretty high standards around here, and you see it on Sunday. You see what our DNA is: fast, smart, physical football. We knew that we weren’t playing to that level early on in the game, but we definitely did in the second half. We just want to continue to build on that.”
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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback 

“There never was an issue. I think that we’ve got a good working relationship. Things are going well.”
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DAK PRESCOTT – 11/5/14
Mississippi State quarterback

“He really just shows who this team is: a bunch of hard-working guys who weren’t really given anything but they’re going to work hard and earn everything. I think the world of Ben Beckwith.”
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Cleveland Browns cornerback

“As a defense, we just wanted to show the world if our team plays together as a team, we can beat this team. There was a lot of questions coming into this game that we haven’t played anybody yet because we had a couple of teams with losing records three games before that. This is just a statement game – to show everybody we are a good team and we can beat anybody when we play together.”
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TRENT COLE – 11/7/14
Philadelphia Eagles linebacker

“He’s leading the direction. It’s pretty much our situation now. He has to step up and fill that void.”
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