CHRIS HARRIS – 12/15/14
Denver Broncos cornerback

“If you look at all my years on Pro Football Focus, I’ve been in the top 10 – except my rookie year. I’ve been very consistent in my four years. This year, coming back from (a torn) ACL, I made a faster return than Adrian Peterson. I was determined to come back and prove I was the best. That’s really what I’ve been trying to do this year.”
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PAUL MILLSAP – 12/16/14
Atlanta Hawks forward

“I’ve been in the West Coast with Utah, and it was a more slow-tempo game for us. I wanted to go somewhere where they sped it up and I could get out and run and really showcase my talents.”
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GARY ANDERSEN – 12/16/14
Oregon State head coach

“I’ve been around a lot of great kids and had an influence on some great young men’s lives at Wisconsin, but I felt like in my mind, I know this is where I was supposed to go.”
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New York Giants punter

“He’s treated me like gold from the day I’ve (gotten here). He likes guys who show up early, stay late – hard-working, blue-collar guys. That’s the only reason I ever made it in the National Football League. I love the guy.”
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STEVE LAVIN – 12/17/14
St. John’s head coach

“Those three would be in this class – and you could imagine where we’d be ranked if we had those three. And yet, this group has just continued to improve. We’re getting contributions from the seniors.”
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MARCIN GORTAT – 12/18/14
Washington Wizards center

“I used to compete against him every year when I played back in Orlando, but now being with him on the same team, it’s a huge honor and it’s a (great) experience. This guy’s a true professional. You better (not) tweet or (post something on) Instagram when it’s game day because he’s going to catch you and he’s going to yell at you. He’s really professional about everything. He (arrives) early every day, he works out hard – he’s all about business on the court. I love this about him. I truly love this.”
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