Dallas Cowboys cornerback

“I don’t know, but I know we ain’t playing with house money. We’re trying to go win a Super Bowl. Nothing about this is house money. You don’t play with house money until it’s over.”
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MIKE CAREY – 1/5/15
CBS rules expert

“Both the bodies were going in motion away from the pass, and so there was no restriction. Had Pettigrew put his foot in the ground and come back – (or) even (initiated) coming back – (it) would have caused a defensive pass interference because the defender was not playing the ball and (would have) impeded his ability to catch the pass.”
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JEFF PASSAN – 1/6/15
Yahoo! Sports MLB columnist

“I think it’s a couple of things. No. 1, the way that medicine is these days, what is a performance-enhancing drug versus what is a legal thing that is not vilified by politicians because it doesn’t fall under the auspices of something that they’ve been fighting for like Orrin Hatch in Utah with dietary supplements? I mean, what’s the difference between a procedure and a drug? And why are they different? Are they different because we want to be moral arbiters on it? I’m not going to sit here and be that moral arbiter and say one thing is okay while another is not.”
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60 Minutes Sports correspondent

“That is not part of this settlement as well. It’s controversial on a lot of levels.”
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KEN BERGER – 1/7/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“They could have (gone into the luxury tax), but this is sort of a short-term deal with Dion Waiters. With Harden, it would have been a multiple-year thing. So they’re a team – in their situation in their market with the revenue streams that they have – (that) can afford to dip into the luxury tax and then step back out. They’re not a team that can commit to going into it for five years.”
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New Orleans Saints wide receiver

“Everybody’s there for a reason, so they can play. But what Tom Brady can do and the receivers they have up in New England, it’s going to be tough to stop those guys. So if they can stop Tom and keep him from getting hot, then the Ravens could probably come out on top in that game.”
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NFL.com writer

“In fact, that led to some of the picks he had this year, because he throws with such anticipation and trust and he had some young receivers that didn’t know what the heck they were doing.”
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