All right, the NFC Championship: Was that a choke job, an epic comeback or the luckiest thing you’ve ever seen?

“I think a little bit of (everything),” CBS Sports NFL analyst Bart Scott said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I think you saw a whole lot of luck, one from the football gods. Two, you see a team not keep their composure during crunch time and do everything wrong to lose a football game that they had dominated and deserved to win. Going into that hostile environment and playing the way they did, that defense stepping up and matching that offense as far as physicality, making plays, intercepting Russell Wilson four times – Russell Wilson did everything to lose that game. The Seattle Seahawks did not deserve to win that game, but they won it. Sometimes you win games like that – and you don’t apologize for it. It just so happened it happened in one of the biggest moments (with) an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl.”

Yes, the Seattle Seahawks overcame a 16-point deficit to stun the Green Bay Packers, 28-22, in overtime Sunday. The Packers forced five turnovers but settled for five field goals, including a pair from inside the 2-yard-line.

Was kicking two early field goals the right call by Mike McCarthy?

“Absolutely, because points are at a premium,” Scott said. “It’s not like you’re going against a potent offense or an offense that puts up 30, 40 points. You know that the game can come down to a field goal, a possession. So you take the points when you can. Would you like to have gotten a touchdown out of that or gotten some points? Yes. But you get what you can get. And to be up 12 points (with) five minutes (left) in the fourth, those two field goals were a part of making it a two-possession game.”

From McCarthy to Brandon Bostick, who botched an onside-kick recovery, there’s a lot of blame to go around in Green Bay for the loss. But what about Morgan Burnett? The 26-year-old safety picked off Wilson with just over five minutes to go, but instead of advancing the ball as far as he could – and possibly scoring – Burnett gave himself up on the Green Bay 43-yard-line.

Why go down like that with green in front of you?

“I think at that point he believed that the game was over,” Scott said. “Five minutes (to go), he (probably thought), ‘Give it back to my quarterback. Let’s not run and get stripped and fumble again and give them the ball back.’ I can understand that. That’s just a young player. If he would’ve understood that it wasn’t the last possession of the game, that they could lose with two touchdowns to go, (he might have done things differently).”

Instead, one thing led to another. Then came Bostick’s blunder. Then came defensive breakdowns. Then came the loss.

“Sometimes onside kicks, even though (they have a low success rate), can be a bit of a crapshoot,” Scott said. “I think if (Burnett) could have it back, he would’ve continued (running after the interception) because he could have, if anything, flipped the field and they could have possibly been in position to get a (first down or a field goal). That’s something that comes with experience. I guarantee you if he gets in that situation again – even though he said he doesn’t regret doing it – he wishes he could have did it better. And I think going forward, he’ll never make that mistake again.”


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