You know that breaking-news story about the New England Patriotslocker-room attendant taking game balls for the AFC Championship and disappearing into a separate room for a bit?

Well, Jay Glazer broke that story.

The Fox Sports NFL insider dropped by The Doug Gottlieb Show on Tuesday to discuss the report, the video and why everyone needs to get over “DeflateGate” as soon as possible.

“They’ve seen the video,” Glazer said of the NFL. “They already talked to the kid. The thing is, was there any wrongdoing? I can’t answer the question for you. Shoot, I’ve been sick of this story since it happened. I think when it originally happened, it should have really just been, ‘Look, have we done something wrong? If not, let’s knock it off. Let’s just move on.’ But everything has to be a damn congressional hearing now.”

The video apparently shows a locker-room attendant taking the game balls and going into a bathroom.

“I don’t know what happened in the bathroom,” Glazer said.

The attendant was allegedly in the bathroom for roughly 90 seconds.

“That’s what Mike Florio reported,” Glazer said. “No idea. I just know that that’s who they’ve zeroed in on. Is that enough time to do it? Is it not? Look, I’ve had head coaches who said to me, ‘I could do that in 50 seconds.’ I have head coaches who say, ‘It’s not enough time.’”

Frankly, Glazer doesn’t care.

“The fact that we’re actually talking about in a bathroom, not in a bathroom, deflated, not deflated – again, things don’t have to be this complicated,” he said. “But because it’s the Patriots, it is. If this is Aaron Rodgers, we wouldn’t be talking about it. Again, I just think that everything doesn’t have to be such a huge thing. Do I think the head coach had anything to do with it? Not at all.”

Maybe Bill Belichick didn’t, but what about Tom Brady? Maybe, maybe not, Glazer said.

Glazer did, however, said it was a mistake by the NFL to bring in Ted Wells to conduct an investigation.

“I think it’s stupid for this whole thing to be such a monstrous thing,” Glazer said. “Once they said, ‘Hey, we’re going to go out and bring in an outside investigator,’ it opened up every can of worms.”

But if Roger Goodell didn’t do that, people would think the league was just trying to cover up the scandal – which, after what we saw in 2014, is something the NFL doesn’t want to do.

“But you’re talking about air pressure,” Glazer said in a this-is-ridiculous tone. “It’s not like they credentialed a kid and they were spying on the other team’s signals. We’re talking about ball pressure.”

Glazer also doesn’t understand the vehement reaction from both sides of the fan aisle.

“They’re so extreme on this,” he said. “That’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be so extreme. We’re just talking some footballs that were deflated and didn’t affect the score.”


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