RICH GANNON – 1/26/15
Former NFL QB and current CBS analyst

“No one likes them slick and hard to throw and grip. And so, we went through a certain process, and it was very similar each week. They would rub them down, they would put them in a sauna, sometimes they’d over-inflate them – they’d do a lot of different things throughout the course of the week to get those footballs ready. But after we got them ready, after we checked them on Friday, we were done with them.”
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DREW STANTON – 1/26/15
Arizona Cardinals quarterback

“They’re not going to disguise you. They’re not going to try to have some game plan that nobody’s ever seen and a quarterback can’t tell what it is. They’re going to play exactly what they play, but they’re going to play it to a tee, be where they’re supposed to be and do it precisely.”
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CHRIS COOLEY – 1/27/15
Former Redskins tight end

“What I wanted was to find out what Robert was – to go through a whole season and see if he could progress, see if he could become a better quarterback, a better pocket passer. And he was hurt. And that also factors into the equation: Can he stay healthy? So you need to have a season where you say, ‘Where is he? What’s the benchmark?’ You got nothing from Robert (this past year to tell you where he’s improved). So I don’t think Jay Gruden has totally bought in. I don’t think he is 100 percent sure of what he has. The problem is he doesn’t have anything else either that you can really hang your hat on. Colt McCoy played, Kirk Cousins played. It was a quarterback musical chairs.”
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JAY GLAZER – 1/27/15
FOX Sports NFL insider

“That’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be so extreme. We’re just talking some footballs that were deflated and didn’t affect the score.”
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Cleveland Browns linebacker and cornerback 

“You got people’s families that are depending on you. (Dansby has) got a family with kids and he’s looking at the man next to him (and thinking), ‘Hopefully you got my back.’ It’s a business, and you got to just take it that way and you got to know you got to be in there and you got to be 100 percent ready for it.”
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DAN MARINO – 1/28/25
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback

“If you’ve done what he’s done with one coach there – winning three Super Bowls and maybe now winning four – I don’t see why he would go anywhere else to play. I see him finishing as a Patriot, but you never know. There’s always crazy things that happen. Joe Montana finished as a Chief. But he got injured. He got hurt. You never know what those circumstances are. That’s why Peyton Manning is in Denver never right now – because of the injury factor. I would believe if I was Mr. (Robert) Kraft that I would want Tom Brady to retire a Patriot.”
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TROY AIKMAN – 1/29/15
NFL Fall of Fame quarterback

“Clearly, no one would go into this game thinking that it’s going to be a repeat of what happened last year. I think it’s going to be a great game. I’m looking forward to it.”
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Hall of Fame cornerback and Cardinals cornerback

“When a cornerback’s outside arm is hurting, that does not matter. He’s using his inside arm on the jam 95 percent of the time. If he’s out there using his outside arm, he’s going to get beat anyway. So let’s put that out of the equation. It doesn’t matter. He’s going to get that arm up when it’s time for a pick, believe me.”
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