USA Today NFL writer

“The Patriots are down 10 points in the fourth quarter. It was really sort of almost a mirror image of what happened in Seattle two weeks earlier when the Packers had everything in their hands. Everything completely came apart against Seattle and allowed them to get to the Super Bowl. You had to have so many different things go wrong in the final seven, eight minutes of that game – and every single one of them did right up until you had Malcolm Butler (make) the interception. If you look back at that play – I know everybody’s killing the play call – but that is an unbelievable play by an undrafted rookie from West Alabama.”
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PHIL SIMMS – 2/2/15
NFL on CBS analyst

“I was sitting there yelling over the fact that New England didn’t call a timeout. I thought it was a blatant error, and they got away with it.”
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Pelicans forward

“There’s just so many guys that I really just give so much thanks to. And obviously (head coach) Monty (Williams). Coach has done such a great job and we have such an open relationship just communicating – because it is hard. There are some really tough days still. Obviously it’s very fresh and it’s going to be something that’s a big part of my life for the rest of my life. But having guys like Monty and great friends on the team and people around just to have my back and support me has been such a blessing through this whole process.”
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Patriots cornerback

“I haven’t got them yet. I heard the word about it, but I haven’t got them yet. I’ll be waiting, though.”
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TIM BROWN – 2/4/15
NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver

“Trying to get 80 percent or whatever that number is just wasn’t going to happen. I told my guy, ‘Look, if the room is going for Andre, do Andre. If it’s going for Cris, go with Cris. Just get somebody in so we can break this tie and move on.’ But I just think . . . it’s a very difficult thing trying to get everybody through the process and make everybody happy.”
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Virginia forward

“I’m not going to say we’re an exciting team to watch. I’m not going to say anything that’s outside of our character or what we actually care about. We care about winning games. We have an identity. We have a system that works for us, and that’s what we pride ourselves on and are going to do every night.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“Whether it’s to the detriment of your team or not, it doesn’t really matter. The league takes this very seriously. It’s something the competition committee sets limits on. And I can tell you the sense I’m getting in the league office is this is not being looked at as, ‘Oh well, they stunk anyway, so who cares?’ It’s like, ‘If this was going on – and it was going on repeatedly – there’s going to be some possible suspensions, possible fines, possible loss of draft picks.’”
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Patriots defensive end

“Really, you’re just trying to get to the next play. Get the call, get your assignment and go out there and play. Really, I wasn’t thinking about any previous Super Bowl catches. I just knew that was a crazy catch and we got to stop them. The only thing in my head was, ‘Let’s get off the field. Let’s make a big play.’ And Malcolm did that for us. He made a tremendous play.”
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MARK FEW – 2/6/15
Gonzaga head coach

“I will say this, Doug: We are exceptionally deep this year with some good players at each position. We are really going at it (during practice) on Mondays. 5-on-5, our top 10 guys – as opposed to playing our red team. That’s been great for us. Those have been competitive, spirited. When you’ve got (Domantas) Sabonis going against (Kyle) Wiltjer, or Sabonis going against (Przemek) Karnowski and you got Eric McClellan D-ing up Kevin Pangos and (Gary) Bell getting after (Byron) Wesley – those are good battles.”
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Sports Illustrated writer

“The league just wants to make sure that the message isn’t sent somehow that the league has issues with gender, that the league is not supporting one of its few female referees. So I understand that Adam Silver still has a little bit of PR to play with here. But we’re talking about a guy with a really good reputation in Chris Paul. This is not a guy who flies off the handle left and right. I honestly think he wasn’t trying to be sexist here. So if that’s the case, I hope he comes out, clarifies it, does not apologize, and just says, ‘Hey, I read this today, and I just want you guys to know I meant nothing against her gender. I was just pretty ticked off that a ref T’d me up, and I don’t think the ref had a very good game’ – or something to that effect.”
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