Former NBA All Star

“And I tell people, other than my mother and father, he’s been the most influential person (in my life). Yesterday, it felt like my father had passed. It was tough for me. But (I’m) definitely blessed that the man up above sent him in my life. I wouldn’t know where I would be at right now (without him). I wouldn’t know how life would be if it wasn’t for the things that he taught me as a player – but most importantly as a person and human being.”
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Cardinals manager

“Guys are bigger, stronger, faster than ever before. And that usually results in changes in numbers.”
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BRETT FAVRE – 2/10/15
Legendary NFL QB

“There’s no guarantees, but I would say the closest guarantee there ever has been, especially in that situation, is to get the ball to Marshawn Lynch. I’ve never seen him get tackled for negative yardage. And being the stage that was there in front of them, I don’t see them stopping him. It’s an unfortunate way to lose, but it is what it is.”
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LARRY BROWN – 2/10/15
SMU head coach

“When you hear ex-coaches and ex-players talk about those guys, I was so pleased with the way they remembered Coach Smith. It kind of helped me get through (Monday).”
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GRANT HILL – 2/11/15
Former NBA All Star

“Your personality and your beliefs. I think that’s the most important thing, and I think you take from other coaches that you were influenced by. I know Coach K took a lot from Bobby Knight and a lot of the same principles and coming from (a West Point) background. I know Coach Smith took from Frank McGuire. There’s a lot of influences that I think Coach Tarkanian and Coach Smith (took) that helped them become who they became.”
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REGGIE THEUS – 2/11/15
Former NBA All Star

“You could look at the other team and basically know the game was already over. Because when they put the strobe lights on and the spotlight’s going and there’s 6,500 screaming fans – it was some kind of scene. But it was an absolutely basketball-rabid place. It was loud, and that dome made the acoustics even stronger. So it was just a loud, really tough place to play, and it had a lot of glitz and glamour going to it. Tark’s style, our style of basketball – it was the whole package.”
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Former UNLV player

“Another college coach probably would have turned their back on me after losing their job. Tark never turned his back on me. That’s a real dude. And you know what? He’s in a safe place. He’s up in heaven.”
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RIC BUCHER – 2/12/15
Bleacher Report NBA analyst

“The thing I’m more curious about is how are they going to get along as far as personalities are concerned? Because you know George. He makes the sarcastic comment. He’s not afraid to say things to the public about players that are critical. Players in this day and age are not accustomed to that. And when you take DeMarcus, who’s already been taking a beating in Sacramento, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays.”
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