ZACH HARPER – 2/16/15
CBS Sports NBA writer

“He wasn’t Vince Carter, but he wasn’t far from it. He did three between-the-legs dunks and made them look like a double-pump for him. It was casually extraterrestrial in the way he did it. I thought it was just a really fun night.”
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Former NBA player

“I think LeBron got to a point where there were some guys that were pretty good, especially around the Gerald Green time (2007). He didn’t want to go out there and lose. He didn’t really have nothing to gain from it, but he had a lot to lose if he went out and he got beat. When you watch the dunk contest, you’re like, ‘Man, I could’ve won that one.‘Yeah, but you didn’t because you didn’t go because you were a little scared.”
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“They’re all scripted. However, this one I think you (could) improv every scene in this one. There’s room for that. There’s always some room to make it a little bit bigger, a little bit more present, a little bit more truthful.”
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HOWARD BECK – 2/17/15
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“If you’re Phil Jackson, the problem is, what are you selling in terms of near-term success? Who’s the surrounding cast? Because there’s not a whole lot here right now.”
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PABLO TORRE – 2/18/15
ESPN The Magazine senior writer

“But in age when you have billionaires buying teams and all people are doing is fetishizing winning that ring and getting to a point of championship contention, well then maybe you can sort of structure a plan that maybe isn’t palatable to a lot of people but might increase your odds at actually winning something.”
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Sports Illustrated legal analyst

“And of course we know that the prosecution doesn’t have the gun, it doesn’t have a witness, and it doesn’t yet have a motive. Those are three big omissions that I think are going to be a cloud over the prosecution going forward.”
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CHRIS MANNIX – 2/19/15
Sports Illustrated NBA insider

“That was the wildest 20 minutes I’ve ever been a part of when it comes to a trade deadline. I mean, there are still things happening. But Oklahoma City – in effectively deciding Enes Kanter is the guy they wanted for Reggie Jackson instead of Brook Lopez – made a call there.”
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MARK CUBAN – 2/19/15
Dallas Mavericks owner

“Other than (adding Stoudemire), I haven’t caught up on everything. You look at some of the rosters and the trades that went down and somebody’s got to release somebody unless there’s other deals that we haven’t heard about. So we’re still trying to figure out who gets released, who’s getting bought out, who got traded where. It was a crazy day.”
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