CBS Sports college basketball insider

“I want great health for my family and friends, I want a Graeter’s ice cream to open on the Upper East Side that I can only get in Cincinnati because I love the raspberry chip, and I want a rematch between Wisconsin and Kentucky in Indianapolis. It doesn’t have to be the national championship game. It doesn’t have to be the semifinals. But just one of the two. It’s the small things in life.”
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PETE PRISCO – 3/2/15
CBS Sports NFL insider

“If you get Mariota and you put him in there and he’s the guy that makes people respect the run part of the read-option – which they don’t do now with the current makeup of the quarterback position – that’s a chance to put you over the top. So I think you make a deal.”
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MLB Network analyst, former MLB first baseman

“That’s the stuff – the tempo of baseball. It’s not the hitter stepping out for a second and adjusting his batting gloves. Believe me, most of the time, the pitcher is not waiting on the batter. The batter is waiting on the pitcher.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/4/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“It’s simply a matter of the ownership change. The team is for sale, the bidding is ongoing, there’s going to be a process that (they) go through – and it’s just going to be very difficult to make a decision like that that has so many implications until a new owner is in place. And I don’t know that a new one is going to be in place in time for Danny to get back into his job this season.”
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UFC fighter

“Yeah, I think that plan has been tried and failed. I don’t think anyone is trying that again.”
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Maryland head coach

“I wasn’t expecting this. I expected us to be better. I expected us to be a borderline NCAA Tournament team. But we just have had great senior leadership. We have good players. You don’t win 25 games if you don’t have good players – and we have really good players that have bought in and are doing whatever it takes to win games.”
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