Trail Blazers head coach

“Arron is a quality starter in this league, and I think he fits in well with what we do. Now we just need to rely on some other people coming off the bench.”
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LON KRUGER – 3/9/15
Oklahoma head coach

“Oklahoma State’s a really good basketball team and they’ve got some leading scorers in Phil (Forte III) and (Le’Bryan) Nash and now Anthony (Hickey Jr.) is scoring more for them. They’ve got good players around those three guys. So our guys know that. The two games we’ve won have been hard-fought. They’ve gone down to the wire. We know we’ll have to play well to win on Thursday.”
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WILL BRINSON – 3/10/15
CBSSports.com NFL writer

“So you’re kind of set up if you’re Chip Kelly, you can go for gusto, go for Mariota. And if for some reason it doesn’t work out, you have the fall-back option of maybe working with Sam Bradford or just going with Sanchez. (Or) maybe Bradford is trade bait. I think there’s a lot of flexibility here for Chip Kelly. I certainly wouldn’t say he is committed to Sam Bradford simply based on the contract information.”
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JAY WRIGHT – 3/10/15
Villanova head coach

“So a lot of times guys go unnoticed like that, but it doesn’t surprise me. I have great respect for the coaches in our league, and I think they really appreciate that kind of player.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/11/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“With Rondo, the chemistry there – or lack of it – may be becoming an issue. Long-term, everybody understands it’s going to be an issue. Rondo might just be the kind of personality, the kind of guy, to walk away from money and go somewhere where he’d feel more comfortable. But in the short term, they’ve got to figure it out. They’ve really come back to the pack.”
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STEVE PROHM – 3/12/15
Murray State head coach

“They got better, they got better and then people sat down and they said, ‘That team belongs in this final four.’ And then they went and won a national championship. I’m not saying we’re going to win a national championship, but I am saying we are one of the best 36 at-large teams when you sit down and watch us play.”
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