DARYL MOREY – 3/16/15
Rockets GM

“(Steve) and I, we’ve known each other. We both laughed at that one. He was asked a direct question about whether he was going to campaign for his guy, and he just made a response there. We think James is a great player. We’re obviously focused first and foremost on winning. I think Steph is a great player. He’s focused first and foremost on winning. It’s all part of the thing. He just got asked a direct question, and at the end of the day, obviously all of us both want our teams to win and our guys to do well.”
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RON HUNTER – 3/16/15
Georgia State head coach

“I haven’t sat down in 23 years. I coach standing up. I’ve never sat down. This will be the first time. I’m more nervous about that than I am my kids playing Baylor – because I’ve never done that before, and I just have no idea how that’s going to work.”
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NBA Hall of Famer

“He’s not afraid to put payers in a position where they have to step up. I think he’s patient with players. Kawhi Leonard has really grown into a monster now. He’s incredible. So Pop is good at that. He understands the rhythm of the season. It’s a long season. People get upset because they want to see the stars, but you also want your team to be the very best team it can be.”
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Former UCLA QB, NFL prospect

“Now, it is a little different for a team to go from underdogs to the people they expect to win a national championship and everything so quick. But at the same time, that’s what you sort of work for. That’s what you want to be in. That’s the position you want to be in. I felt like it wasn’t too much pressure or anything on our team. We finished 10-3, a top-10 team. We may have not won the national championship or the Pac-12 championship, but we still did a great job (and improved) from where we were three years ago.”
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Former Kentucky All-American

“Obviously they have to win the championship. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s either championship or bust at Kentucky, and that’s a high expectation to live up to. But those guys, if they win the national championship, they’ll definitely be remembered as one of the best teams there. There may be other teams that have much more of an emotional connection to the fan base – such as that ’91-92 team. So from that standpoint, it’s hard to match that. But winning a championship and going undefeated – if they can do it, that’ll rank pretty high.”
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