KEVIN PANGOS – 3/23/15
Gonzaga guard

“I think we learned about ourselves through the ups and downs of the season, and I think we’re just really hungry. We know that game that we played early in the year was great for us; we got the win. But it means nothing at this time of year. It’s a different day. Both teams are different. It’s a different stage. We just have to come with the right approach and keep playing as a team like we do. Because when we’re playing together and defending together, we’re a tough team to beat – because we have so many weapons.”
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Xavier center

“We’ve competed with Georgetown and Butler and all these teams and we’ve sort of been on a roll. I think no one should doubt us now. We have a lot of guys who are tough. It’s hard for tough guys to just back down.”
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BOB HUGGINS – 3/24/15
West Virginia head coach

“When you star thinking about it in that context, you’re going to get a couple of fouls playing hard. Now you make a dumb one or two and you’re in serious foul trouble, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”
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Utah head coach

“I think he’s got a lot of what it takes to play at the next level. I’m not sure that he’s ready, but that’s what this NBA thing is all about: They’re willing to pay millions of dollars to develop a young man. We’d love to keep our hands on him, but that’ll be a decision he’s going to have to make when the season ends.”
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Former NBA All-Star

“Let the guy be who he is. Now he’s got a little knee surgery. See what’s going on with that. Hopefully he’s successful tonight and feels good when he plays. They got about 10 games or so left in the season. They’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen next and get him ready for the playoffs. If that can happen, that’s great. If not, they’ll sit him on the bench. But he’s a great player, and there’s no other big guy in the league like him. When he’s playing well, he’s pretty dominant.”
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ESPN writer

“I think everyone started their strategic vision with something along the lines of getting in the Harrison (twins’) heads and (doing) things that make them contribute to losing. People had different ways of doing it, but the NBA does not like the Harrison twins.”
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KEVIN O’NEILL – 3/26/15
Pac-12 Network analyst

“They’re going to have to double-team (Frank) Kaminsky in the post. Otherwise, Brice Johnson or whoever else plays him is going to get in foul trouble one-on-one. I think their athleticism, if they double-team Kaminsky – he’s really dangerous in those long post-ups. I agree with you that Brice Johnson can guard him out on the perimeter. They’ve just got to get it out of his hands as much as they can – almost take an NBA approach and say, ‘Okay, anybody here is beating us except Frank Kaminsky.’ Because if you take Kaminsky out of the game, you only have to look to the Rutgers game to see what happens when Wisconsin doesn’t have him heavily involved in every possession.”
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JASON TERRY – 3/27/15
Rockets guard

“James Harden. James Harden has played phenomenal this entire season. What he’s meant to this team without another superstar alongside of him has been key. He’s elevated the level of play of his team and he’s also came every night consistently and put up huge numbers all across the board.”
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