Tony Romo grew up in Wisconsin, so you might expect him to be a Badgers fan. Well, he is.

But he’s also a Duke fan.

How does that work?

“It’s a great question,” the Cowboys quarterback said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I think I grew up watching sports like everyone else, (but) I really didn’t have a big passion for any specific team when I was 10 or 11 years old.”

Then the Christian Laettner and Grant Hill years happened.

“They were winning and it was just great to watch and I became a Duke fan then,” Romo said. “That’s probably who I always rooted for and watched. And obviously through the years growing up in Wisconsin, I love the Badgers. Since Bo Ryan has been there, he’s really taken that (program) to new heights. It’s been a great tournament overall. It’s been great to watch.”

Yes, but will Romo be wearing red or blue this weekend? He has to make a choice.

“I’m actually not going to the Final Four, so I don’t actually have to choose,” Romo said, laughing. “If I show up there, you’ll see a color. But as of now, I won’t be there for Saturday.”

Okay, regardless of where you watch, which team will you root for if Duke plays Wisconsin for the national championship?

“Honestly, at the end of the day, I know Coach K’s family has been great,” Romo said. “They’re incredible people. I root for Wisconsin every game, and I root for Duke every game – and I would love to see both because they both have a chance. But ultimately, I think just the people that I’ve gotten to know over there at Cameron is special and they’re special to us.”

Romo and Dallas head coach Jason Garrett attended some Duke games this season. They even wore Blue to the Blue Devils’ Elite Eight win over Gonzaga.

“They’ve been great,” Romo said of the people he’s met at Duke. “They went out of their way and been hospitable. For me, that’s a unique thing and I’m very lucky to be able to call them friends.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Romo still calls DeMarco Murray a friend after this season. Murray accounted for 2,200+ total yards and 13 touchdowns for the Cowboys this past season, but he now plays for AFC East rival Philadelphia.

“Yeah, you never like that to happen,” Romo said. “I think you find that it’s the NFL. It’s a business, and there’s only so many times that you’re able to kind of make your money and get paid (as a) running back – and that’s his opportunity. He deserves to make that choice. Obviously I was disappointed because I wanted him back, but it’s part of the business.”

Romo, as it turns, out, doesn’t have much of a role in personnel decisions. Actually, scratch that.

“I don’t have any role,” Romo said. “I think more than anything, I just tell the front office and coaches, ‘Hey, these guys are great. Let’s bring them back. Let’s do that.’ That’s what you try and do. Obviously that’s above my pay grade. I just go out there and have to do my job and that’s hard enough. So I obviously want everybody back, and I know they’re going to get something worked out with Dez (Bryant). That part will happen here at some point.”


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