CBS Sports college basketball insider

“I’m endeavoring to find out more likely details, but from what I’ve been told through my sources in the situation, Rick Barnes is likely to land this week, and he is likely to land quickly. If there’s one place right now that I would point my compass at to Rick Barnes landing, it would be the University of Tennessee.”
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TONY ROMO – 3/31/15
Cowboys QB

“I think more than anything, I just tell the front office and coaches, ‘Hey, these guys are great. Let’s bring them back. Let’s do that.’ That’s what you try and do. Obviously that’s above my pay grade. I just go out there and have to do my job and that’s hard enough. So I obviously want everybody back, and I know they’re going to get something worked out with Dez (Bryant). That part will happen here at some point.”
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GRANT HILL – 4/1/15
NBA legend

“I’m sure we’ll be doing a little Duke/Michigan State trash talking, but it’s going to be fun. I’m excited. It’ll be a busy weekend, but it’ll be a fun weekend.”
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SHAUN KING – 4/1/15
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst

“Jameis is second only to Andrew Luck. I think he’s that good. Every throw he’s going to be asked to make, every situation that will come up in the National Football League, he’s done at Florida State – and done at a high level. And I think the one thing he has that might even supersede Luck in some areas is mental toughness. Think about what he was able to accomplish at Florida State and then imagine that age, your life, being able to do it with the scrutiny and the criticism that he endured and still perform game in and game out at the level that he did.”
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Dodgers legend

“l loved the game of baseball. I love the Dodgers, and I loved trying to help people. I tried to make ball players better. So I just want to be known as a guy who really loved what he was doing.”
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RON HUNTER – 4/2/15
Georgia State head coach

“Well, guess what? Next year, we’re in the Sun Belt (and) we’re not going to play high major schools. If we were in the Big Ten or we were in a conference of that nature where . . . we could prove that wrong, then that may have been another conversation. But with a mid-major kid a lot of times, you kind of got to make that decision. And where we are right now, the information we got back, we just thought this was the right time.”
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BEN HOWLAND – 4/2/15
Mississippi State head coach

“Let’s get that straight. And I like Geno a lot. I worked the Michael Jordan Fantasy Camp with him. But it is a completely different game than the women because of the size of the athletes – and just how quick and athletic (they are). What’s happened is, these players are so athletic – they’re so god defensively. The things you control most night in and night out is your effort and your preparation to guard your opponent. It’s not the same skill level as putting the ball in the basket or making a pass. That’s the key to (developing) a great player – having great athleticism and size combined with skill level.”
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