All right, we knew that Jordan Spieth was good, and we knew that he was wise beyond his years. But come on.

No one could have predicted he would win his first major like that.

“Oh, absolutely,” CBS Sports golf writer Kyle Porter told Damon Amendolara, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s The The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I said coming into last week (that) I thought the tournament ran through Spieth, but what I meant by that was he was going to post like 11, 12 under, something like that, and somebody was going to go out and beat him – which, that would have gotten beat by Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose.”

Spieth shot an 18-under 270, outlasting Mickelson and Rose, who tied for second with a 14-under 274.

“(Spieth) was far beyond impressive, and he performed far better than I thought (he would),” Porter said. “I mean, 28 birdies in a Masters? That’s a joke. And to play that consistently? He’s the youngest wire-to-wire winner in a major in 101 years. I thought his consistency throughout, to lead every single round and to play with a lead like that, it’s almost impossible – and he made it almost appear easy as a 21-year old.”

Spieth got his biggest scare, perhaps, on Saturday, when a lot of big names were chasing him. And yet, no one caught him.

In fact, no one came close.

“It was funny because everybody’s going crazy and Tiger’s charging, Phil’s charging (and) Rory goes out and (hits) 32,” Porter said. “All of a sudden you look up and Spieth’s up seven at the end of the day. He gets to 17 and makes the double bogey, and I really thought that he won the tournament on 18 on Saturday. When he got up and down from where he did, that’s impossible. The spot that he was at and the lie that he had, even he said after his round that it was a one-in-five chance to get up and down from there. And he took a four-stroke lead into Sunday and obviously closed it out. I thought the tournament was won on 18 on Saturday and then just slammed the door on 13 on Sunday. He had the eagle put, missed it but made birdie and kind of cruised the rest of the way.”

And now the prognosticators prognosticate.

“Justin Rose, I thought, had one of the best quotes,” Porter said. “He said (Spieth is) going to fly the flag of golf for a long time. And for somebody like Rose (to say that) – he’s not like 48 years old or anything. He’s still very much in his prime, one of the biggest factors in the game. He won a U.S. Open a couple of years ago. For him to say something like that, I think that everybody just really respects not only the game, but the person of Jordan Spieth. Phil Mickelson said that he roots for him. He said that the dude has no weaknesses.

“That’s the thing about Spieth,” Porter continued. “He’s not great at anything. He doesn’t hit it like Vijay (Singh). He doesn’t putt maybe with some of the all-time greats. He’s a very good putter, but he’s not outstanding in any one thing. He’s just so consistently good at everything – and I think that type of game has more staying power than somebody who has to be driving it 360 yards to be competitive in tournaments. I think Jordan Spieth is going to be around for a long time.”


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