KYLE PORTER – 4/13/15
CBS Sports golf writer

“He’s not great at anything. He doesn’t hit it like Vijay (Singh). He doesn’t putt maybe with some of the all-time greats. He’s a very good putter, but he’s not outstanding in any one thing. He’s just so consistently good at everything – and I think that type of game has more staying power than somebody who has to be driving it 360 yards to be competitive in tournaments. I think Jordan Spieth is going to be around for a long time.”
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Masters winner

“Obviously winning the Masters is specifically a goal for one tournament and my favorite tournament in the world. But to combine that with other good finishes and hopefully other major championships, to then achieve that ultimate goal would be incredible. That would be when you reach the pinnacle of our sport. Rory is there right now, and he’s not letting up, so it’s going to take something special and a lot more hard work by our team. But we made a big step two days ago.”
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Sports Illustrated legal analyst

“Even if they hadn’t admitted he was at the crime scene, it would have been really hard for the jury to believe that he wasn’t. There was DNA evidence of him there, both in terms of footwear impressions and also DNA of Hernandez through a marijuana blunt found at the crime scene. There was also just the implausibility. Why would there be surveillance video of Hernandez with Odin Lloyd driving seemingly to the industrial park and then leaving without Lloyd? How could he have not been there? So I don’t know if it was as significant as it seems, but one of the jurors in the press conference said they found it shocking about the admission. But my gut is that I don’t think that played a huge role just because it would have been hard to reason that he wasn’t there.”
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STEVE SMITH – 4/16/15
TNT NBA analyst

“What I do like about the Bulls is if . . . Derrick Rose (is not fully healthy), they still are capable of winning games and winning series. Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Brooks and other guys that they have on their team can carry the load.”
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Blue Jays outfielder

“I guess right now I’m the one with the last word, but we have plenty of matches to come up, and I’m going to enjoy those as a competitor. I’ll try to keep it as professional as possible, but there’s a lot of tension there. As a person, I have nothing against that guy. But as a competitor, he’s one of the guys I want to beat the most when I’m out on the field.”
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