WILL BRINSON – 4/20/15
CBS Sports NFL insider

“Now, at the same time, Chip Kelly did some nice things with Mark Sanchez last year. Mark Sanchez is a much better quarterback than Tim Tebow, but Chip Kelly’s done nice things with quarterbacks. It’s possible that Tim Tebow could have some success there. I just think that literally the odds are against him. This is a guy who’s never been a good practice quarterback. I just don’t see him becoming one right now.”
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Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“It’s $15, $16 million. The veteran guys who are 10 years in the league and are in the $20-, $25-million max range, yeah, that sucks up the whole cap. But these younger max deals, that number isn’t so high. People have to sort of move past that term of ‘max (contract).’ Yes, it was originally put in for the elite superstar player, but listen, there’s 30 teams. Guys get overpaid relative to their talent – especially in restricted free agency, where you’re trying to convince the other team not to match the money.”
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KEN BERGER – 4/22/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“So I think they are all sensitive to not wanting to stir the pot unnecessarily and not wanting to freak out potential recruits unnecessarily. But remember, when Kevin Ollie made that statement – first of all, it was very carefully worded. ‘I don’t have any plans to pursue any other opportunities.’ Everybody knows that it works the opposite way: The NBA team will be the one that will pursue him. And also, the statement was made before Scott Brooks was fired. So it’s kind of coaching credo: You never want to lobby or campaign for a job that’s occupied. Now that the job is unoccupied, I think things have changed.”
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CBS Sports Network draft analyst

“At this point in the process – particularly for him – I think it just kind of comes down to the listener. Somebody may feel like, okay, he’s trying to pull one over. Some people may feel like he’s being pretty much genuine. I get the impression that he is. But at the end of the day, it comes down to how do you (assess) that as a team? How big of a deal is that? Is that something that you know other players have done and you just got to say, ‘Well, I understand.’ Or is it a big deal to you? I think it comes down to the team’s individual value. Everybody is probably going to have their own opinion about it from a moral standpoint. For me, I’m like, okay, I’ve done some stuff that I’m not too proud of as well.”
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BYRON JONES – 4/23/15
NFL prospect

“Sometimes (people ask me), but I don’t do it. I’m retired.”
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Former world champion boxer

“That’s the reason I’m going to the fight. If I knew who was going to win, I could make a lot of money. But I don’t know.”
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