PHIL SIMMS – 4/27/15
CBS NFL analyst

“Even though he plays in a big-time pro system down there at Florida State, I wish there was a little more pop in his feet. It’s hard to explain. It’s like jumping rope. You see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady – all the guys that you think can’t run – but they have those great feet in the pocket. I didn’t quite see as much of that from Jameis Winston as I probably would have liked.”
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JARED DUDLEY – 4/28/15
Bucks forward

“The experienced team, they were winning the close games. They knew how to execute. They knew how to get a great shot instead of a good shot. That’s what we were struggling with. We were struggling with our young players and shot selection and taking care of the ball. You know in the playoffs you got to value the ball and we weren’t doing that for the first three games. In that fourth game, we did just enough to win. That confidence led over to the following game.”
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Former heavyweight champion

“(Mayweather’s) got everything to lose. But boxing was invented for the underdog – for the smaller guy who doesn’t have a chance – to come up with a way to beat the bigger, stronger guy. That’s why I give it to Pacquiao. The sport was invented for the lesser.”
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RICH GANNON – 4/29/15
NFL on CBS analyst

“It’s not just whether the player’s ready; is that team ready? Is the team ready for a young quarterback? They were 2-14 last year. Is there good leadership in the locker room? Is there a good enough offensive line? Is there a sound running game? I just think there’s still too many issues. I just think they have so many holes right now that one guy isn’t going to do the trick, and I think that may be a real adjustment period for (Winston) down there in Tampa.”
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KURT WARNER – 4/29/15
Former NFL MVP

“Now you have to really vet out who these guys are off the field and how you feel they’re going to lead your franchise – and that’s the answer I don’t have. (The Buccaneers have) done a lot of work on that background. If they pick (Winston) No. 1, it’ll let us know that that work showed them they shouldn’t have any reason to have concern about the character. If they don’t take him No. 1, I think it’s going to show us just the opposite. But they said they’ve done a lot of work and talked to a lot of people to really vet that out and make sure that if they take him No. 1, he’s the right guy to lead their franchise.”
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MATT FORTE – 4/30/15
Bears running back

“You see a guy who has put everything into it for the last seven years. Once you get to 29, they like to say these things. ‘He’s old. He’s got a lot of carries.’ If you’re playing seven years, you’re going to get a lot of carries, especially if you’re staring. In this league, you reward guys based off of production. If you’ve been producing, you reward those guys. But there seems to be some kind of different things that’s been going on with running backs somehow.”
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Former NFL great

“If I’m Philly, I try to get the quarterback. If I’m Tennessee, I need the picks. I really do. I need the picks to build something. Tennessee is certainly not going to the Super Bowl. We all know that this year they’re not doing that. But to load up on picks so they could go shortly thereafter – three to five years down the street – that’s more suitable. That’s more doable. That’s what I would think about doing.”
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