NFL Network analyst

“They’ve got (some good draft picks) and a few pieces coming back out wide, which helps him out a little bit. The biggest one is just the transition of Marcus Mariota’s personality into an NFL huddle, which is something he hasn’t had to do at Oregon.”
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LES SNEAD – 5/4/15
Rams GM

“(The speculation is) . . . some noise that’s over in the left- or right-hand corner. But it’s not right in our next step of what we’re trying to accomplish in 2015.”
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HEATH EVANS – 5/5/15
NFL Network analyst

“It was for the whole world to see. It’s like people don’t want to look at that, but that’s the reality of when you play the best defense and a good, well-balanced football team in Seattle. (That’s) what’s going to happen when you try to tempo them. The speed of Seattle overwhelmed them. The proof was in the pudding.”
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Astros pitcher

“And you don’t get prepared coming up through the minor leagues very well to be a good hitter. So unless you’re just a really great athlete and you have that natural ability like a Madison Bumgarner, it really puts you at a disadvantage. Unless you really take time and effort to get good at it, you really kind of are putting yourself in a chance to hurt yourself or to not do yourself any favors, that’s for sure.”
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KEN BERGER – 5/6/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“I find it hard to believe, hard to imagine, they’d be able to hold James Harden down that way two games in a row at home, so you got to figure he’s going to get his. (But) who else is going to get involved in their depleted state and with Dwight (Howard) kind of being inconsistent in terms of a guy you can throw the ball into and get something done? It’s going to be tough for them.”
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Former NBA great, New York Liberty president

“Now, what you just did is, you attached me – or attached Isiah – in a way that wasn’t attached in terms of the findings. All I can do is say the allegations were false. I’ve always maintained my innocence and whatever perception has been created out there – I have a mom. I have kids. What you’re alleging – again, alleging – I have said consistently and constantly that those are false. And that’s all I can really do.”
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TNT Inside The NBA host

“It’s been a humbling last 10 days or so. From the E:60 piece that ESPN did – our family was floored by that – and then just the response from people on Twitter and my email and text and everything else, (it was) off-the-charts.”
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