Karlos Dansby played for the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East from 2010 to 2012, so he got to know Tom Brady and the New England Patriots quite well during that time. Dansby has had a lot of respect for Brady for a lot of years, but he did not think Brady’s suspension was right.

He thought it should have been harsher.

“Man, it should have been more,” the Browns linebacker said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “We’ve been playing this game for a long time, man. If he had anything to do with (it), I think he should be gone for the whole year.”

Really? The whole year? For delating footballs?

“It’s integrity, man,” Dansby said. “He’s a great player, no doubt about it. But if he stooped to that level – you just killed a lot of dreams, a lot of childhood dreams. It’s sad. It’s a sad situation because there’s a lot of people involved. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Dansby, 33, hasn’t read the Wells Report, but he’s read and heard enough about it to form an opinion.

“I get bits and pieces,” he said. “We got to catch up out here in Cleveland, so we’re focused on what we got going on. But all I hear is text messages. He don’t want to show the text messages. Come on, man. You’ve involved.”

Doug Gottlieb, playing devil’s advocate, asked Dansby if he would give his phone to Gottlieb to look at if Gottlieb requested it.

“Man, nah,” Dansby said, laughing. “I wouldn’t let you have it. But it’s just a fact, man. If the other investigator already has the text messages, now he don’t want to give them up? Then you’re guilty, man. Guilty.”

Dansby, if you’re curious, is not one of those players who disliked Brady and the Patriots pre-Deflategate. In fact, it was just the opposite.

“See, that’s the thing,” Dansby said. “I met Tom Brady a long time ago – like my second year in college (at Auburn). They had just won the Super Bowl. That was my favorite team. I ended up going to the ESPY Awards and met him – him, Willie McGinest, all these guys. I’m in college. I’m excited. I’m getting the opportunity to hang out with these guys right now. Man, I always had the utmost respect for him. But this right here, they got slighted, man”

Dansby was asked what his level of respect for Brady and the Patriots is now.

“Man, it ain’t a lot,” he said. “It’ ain’t a lot.”

Moving to his own locker room, Dansby said he’s noticed a big change in Johnny Manziel this year.

“Without a doubt,” Dansby said. “Without a doubt. This is something Johnny wants to do. He’s focused, he’s dialed in, and he’s making strides.”

Manziel hasn’t necessarily said anything to make Dansby think this, but Dansby can just tell.

“His body language around the building is totally different,” Dansby said. “That says a lot. The body language will tell the tale. Before, it was just, he didn’t have that flair that everybody was expecting. It was like something was weighing on him. He wasn’t comfortable. Now he’s in his comfort zone. You can tell because of the way he’s moving around, the way he’s operating. It’s just totally different.”


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