Former Illinois offensive lineman

“(It’s) not just the football program. (It’s) not just an Illinois issue. It’s a nationwide athletics issue where students are underrepresented and they’re being used for their bodies. And the dreams – the NFL dreams and the NBA dreams and the Major League dreams of these high school players – allows them to believe blindly whatever a coach tells them, and it puts them in danger for the rest of their life.”
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CHRIS SIMMS- 5/12/15
Former NFL QB

“I look at it as Tom Brady cheated. He took the integrity of the game and the rules of the game into his own hands and basically said, ‘I don’t care about the last 90 or so years of the NFL. I’m going to make the balls the way I would like them made.’ And that, in itself, deserves a suspension.”
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NFL Hall of Fame QB

“It’s really hurting him. It’s going to hurt him today. It’s going to hurt him more tomorrow. It’s going to hurt him more 10 years from now because this is going to be a blight on a terrific career.”
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Astros pitcher

“Sometimes when you get drafted and you’re fortunate enough to play in Major League Baseball, you don’t really see the grinds on an everyday basis. When you’re not good, it’s not fun. By no means was it fun from pretty much 2012 until last year. It was embarrassing just based on the product we put out there on the field for the fans. But we were trying our hardest.”
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Browns linebacker

“That says a lot. The body language will tell the tale. Before, it was just, he didn’t have that flair that everybody was expecting. It was like something was weighing on him. He wasn’t comfortable. Now he’s in his comfort zone. You can tell because of the way he’s moving around, the way he’s operating. It’s just totally different.”
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Former NBA MVP

“Trust me, I never got the best of him. I think we beat them one time out of my whole career. That’s Mike, man. That’s why the play is so monumental. That’s why it’s so great. That’s why everybody remembers it because it’s him. I crossed (over) a million people and it wasn’t a big deal. Just because it was Mike, that’s what made it everything.”
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