If you haven’t seen “The Fab Five,” you need to see it. If you have seen it, you might remember that Chris Webber did not participate in the filming of the documentary. Well, now we know why.

Sort of.

During an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio show Wednesday, Webber took shots at both the documentary and at least one member of the Fab Five, saying that he was not contacted about filming until one week before the deadline, among other disgruntlements.

Needless to say, the rest of the Fab Five was a little caught off-guard.

“I saw a lot of posts real quickly about Chris’ comments, so I tried to listen to him on The Dan Patrick Show and see where he was coming from,” Jimmy King said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “And while I was listening to it, it was kind of interesting. It was comical and it was also disturbing in the manner in which it’s going down. I just think that it’s really embarrassing and it’s really unnecessary to have this, but at the same time, I really do understand what it’s about. It’s about selling books. What other way to get it started than to throw potshots out in the media to get people talking about the brand?”

As King explained, Jalen Rose was sort of the brains behind “The Fab Five,” but everyone was on board with participating in the documentary – at least initially.

“Well, with Jalen being in the studio and being a part of the ESPN family, he ran it up the flagpole,” King explained. “When he got the green light, obviously he came to us with it. and when he did, we agreed. It was that simple. No one would want to do the documentary if two of us, three or four of agreed to do it, but not all five. It just wouldn’t have happened.

“There was emails sent around and there were phone calls,” King continued. “We had phone calls, conference calls, for us to discuss. Once we got the commitment – Juwan (Howard) was the only one playing at that time. So Jalen and I happened to be in Detroit. Ray (Jackson) was in Austin and Chris was in Atlanta, I think. Juwan was on the road playing. So we set it up (so that) all of us would just film it.”

King said that he, Rose and Jackson flew to Los Angeles for filming and were waiting for Webber to arrive.

“We think we would hear from him. We don’t,” King said. “Time keeps going by. We start calling. No answer. And we get a phone call from a mutual friend saying he actually is in L.A. He did show up to L.A., but he didn’t come to the filming. So the words that he spoke (about not being notified until the last minute) are flat-out untrue.”

Webber apparently said after the fact that he was not allowed to speak about his situation publicly, which King didn’t believe because Webber “speaks about it all the time.”

Webber also took a shot at one member of the Fab Five, saying that there were too many highlights of a certain player who was trying to make it all about him.

That unnamed member, of course, is Rose.

“This is the funny part,” King said. “The funny part is that yes, that’s directly directed toward Jalen – of him seeming to have more highlights or make it look like he’s the leader or the leading scorer. I think Chris deep down had an issue with that – and that’s the reason why he’s making that statement.”

Rose, knowing he was called out, fired right back at Webber. Not only did Rose mention the infamous travel and timeout, but he also accused Webber of lying to a grand jury and never apologizing, trying to circumvent the documentary to HBO, ignoring the other Fab Five members when they tried to reach out to him, and slandering booster Ed Martin after Martin did a great deal for Webber and his family. Rose said that Webber “clearly is delusional and still in denial.”


“I’ve said this before: We’re brothers,” King said. “We really are. Sometimes families fight. But the problem that I’m having with this is that it’s like they’re airing their dirty laundry, and I disagree about how this is going down. But at the same time, I do understand that you have an agenda – and that agenda is to sell a book.”

King then backed off his claim that Webber is a “habitual liar.”

“I think that may have been a little harsh, and I do apologize for that,” King said. “But I do think there are some things that he embellishes on and is not always telling the truth. But that may be a little harsh, but I just think sometimes he embellishes. I wouldn’t flat out call him a liar, even though he has a history of doing so.”


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