TOBIN HEATH – 5/18/15
U.S. midfielder

“But also there’s big super powers in Germany and France and Brazil – all those teams we’re used to facing. But what’s so special about the women’s game right now is it’s super competitive. There might be a dark horse in there because any team at this point can beat another. That’s what’s going to be so exciting about this World Cup.”
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JIM KELLY – 5/18/15
Hall of Fame QB

“I guess I really didn’t realize how bad it was and my family never really told me. I guess they didn’t want me to know because they saw the fight I had in me. I guess there are times when you think about it, but deep down in my heart, no, I really didn’t. You got to keep fighting. If it’s my day tomorrow, then it’s my day. But right now, I’m enjoying my life. I’m enjoying my time with my family. When I read the book, I thought about the things I went through, but also my son Hunter and how proud I am that I had somebody like my son who suffered every day of his life and saw what he fought through. If he can do it, there’s no doubt that I can do it.”
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DARYL MOREY – 5/19/15
Rockets GM

“Yeah, I don’t know if hope is the right word, but we did not think he was going to play the whole payoffs from the get go. That’s what the doctors told us. He’s such a warrior. He was trying, but it’s not going to work. He does call himself Wolverine, so he may have healing powers I don’t know about. Unfortunately, we’re not planning on him being back.”
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HUNTER MAHAN – 5/20/15
Pro Golfer

“I don’t know where Tiger is, but if he’s not focused, if he’s not clear on what he needs to do with each swing and understand it, he’s going to struggle – and any player would. Being clear and being focused and totally understanding what you’re doing is extremely important in any sport – or anything that you’re doing.”
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BRENT BARRY – 5/20/15
TNT NBA analyst

“We always talk about guys who get into a zone on the offensive end and everything they’re throwing up is going in, and they just can’t miss from wherever it is that they’re shooting. Rex Chapman had games like that. I think Reggie (Miller) had games like that. But the way that Strph does it is, he kind of starts the game in that mode. It always potentially is there. He’s going to shoot, and at any time – wherever he shoots from – you expect that that ball is going in. And it’s so fun – so fun – to watch.”
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FRANK ISOLA – 5/21/15
New York Daily News NBA writer

“The only two players right now that I wouldn’t trade are LeBron and Steph Curry. I wouldn’t trade Russell Westbrook, either. But you know what i mean. There’s a handful of guys that you would never trade. Trade anybody on the Knick roster you want. The idea is to get something back for them. You traded two guys that are part of a team that’s probably going to go to the NBA Finals, and you got a 2019 second-round pick (in return). How can they sit here and tell me that was a good move?”
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BILL CARTER – 5/21/15
Longtime entertainment writer

“Dave brought this sort of ironic detachment to the show, which made it really instantly different from any talk show that anyone had seen before. He was almost doing a parody of the talk show even while he was in the talk show. People just really attached to that sensibility. It just hit that right zeitgeist at the time because there was a whole lot of young people in college and they were looking for something different, an iconoclastic approach, and here was this crazy stuff on the air every night. And also, if a guest wasn’t really sharp, he went after them. He was real. There was something authentic about him. It wasn’t just a showbiz act. It really was Dave that made a difference – not just the writers.”
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