TNT sideline reporter

“You are talking about LeBron with 12 years of experience in the NBA (being) in a completely different position than he’s ever been before. And when I sat down before this series and asked him about it, he said he’s had to have more patience this year than he’s ever had before – because he has to start more at the beginning than he has in a long time with these kids.”
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IDAN RAVIN – 5/25/15
Athletic trainer

“I was worried about Steph. That fall was pretty awful. But he’s just such a resilient guy. The concern I had was that if he sat out too long, he would kind of get anxious and so he went back to the scene of the crime as soon as he could and just went back in. When you take those horrible falls, the more time you think about it, the worse it gets. I was glad that (he) got back on the court.”
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JON DANIELS – 5/26/15
Texas Rangers GM

“(He really) sets the tone for the club. So yeah, the numbers are there – he’s swinging the bat great – but he’s been better potentially than even we could have expected from a leadership standpoint.”
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ERIC WYNALDA – 5/27/15
FOX Sports 1 soccer analyst

“There’s a lot of people that say (it’s not) going to change. There’s too many logistical parts of soccer the way it happens on the planet and the timing of it. I saw (Jeremy Schaap’s) report. That’s just an absolute disgrace that this situation is even happening in the first place. People are dying. The process is not a normal one at all, and playing in 124-degree heat is never something that’s conducive to safety when it comes to the players. So I’d be very surprised (if the World Cup is played there). I think there will be a reevaluation process. Once they get to the bottom of where the World Cup is, we’re still going to cover it – wherever it ends up. But I think Americans are hoping that there’s an outside chance that it might fall in our backyard again.”
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LIL B – 5/27/15

“Kevin Durant actually said something about Lil B. I’ve never talked about Kevin Durant ever or was really even thinking about him. Then he said something about Lil B. Then he said something about Lil B’s music. I said, ‘Well, why don’t you play me in a game of 21 and we can settle that right there? A friendly game of basketball, one-on-one.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I agree to it. Once the season’s over, we’ll play.’ And then he took back his words and he never played the game, so I said, ‘You need to be cursed because of that.’”
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