CBS NFL writer

“If they stink with McCown and they have to go with Manziel, so be it. But by that point, the season is probably already down the toilet anyway.”
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ALEXI LALAS – 6/2/15
FOX Sports soccer analyst

“If it’s just business as usual, that’s not going to help soccer – and in order for real change to happen, there has to be a complete house-cleaning. Whatever man or woman is installed in that position, he or she has to understand and be absolutely committed to the transparency and the honesty regarding how FIFA spends its money, where FIFA spends its money and following that money so it doesn’t continue to be skimmed off the top. Because FIFA can do a tremendous amount of good with the amount of money that they make.”
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Renowned author and feature writer

“This is not simply a Q&A interview or an interview piece or a celebrity piece. This is a nuanced, very long, 11,000-word story chronicling the transition, chronicling other people in Bruce and Caitlyn’s sphere who are impacted by this, chronicling his fear, his pain, his confusion during his career – and I think people are gratified. You know what? This is a serious piece. This is not fluff. This is not cotton candy. But the reaction is we really have a feel now for Caitlyn Jenner that we never had before, so it’s been great.”
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Warriors guard

“When it comes down to regular season, it doesn’t matter come playoffs. It doesn’t matter in this series. They’re playing well. We’re going to have to lock into our game plan, but we know what we’re capable of as well. We’re playing well and we earned this spot. We’re ready.”
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UFC fighter

“When guys get into trouble, they have to answer for it. The UFC did a great job of making Jones answer for his issues. No one’s untouchable. It just shows that the division just kind of moved on without him. It’s sad because he’s such a special talent.”
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