American Pharoah’s jockey

“I look at it this way: It’s not going to affect my life much, but it can help them. If there’s somebody I can help, (I want to do it).”
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World Cup champion

“I felt that Sweden would handle Nigeria in a winning situation, and Nigeria was relentless. They scored that late goal, so now I’m thinking, ‘Hmm, maybe this group is even tougher than I had once anticipated it being.’ You really can’t at this level take anything for granted.”
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Saint Mary’s head coach

“They have more depth, I should say. But I thought it was going to be a tight series. I would maybe give the edge to Golden State because they had home-court (advantage), but everyone thought it was a bigger gap than I thought it was. They’re different. They’re two different teams. The Cavaliers are a gritty, tough, grindy team – except they’ve really become good defensively and they really play hard. I thought if they could take the Warriors off the three and out of transition, then it’s who’s got the best player. And I think it’s pretty obvious who’s got the best player.”
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