RYAN BURR – 6/22/15
Golf Channel studio host

“And we essentially had the third-best player and the second-best player in the world of golf rankings, and it came down to 18. So, mission accomplished. Great drama. I think they should have just watered the greens. I was fine with playing the course the way it played. But to not put water on the greens and essentially let it die, I think it probably took away just a bit. And with that said, it was incredible drama, but I don’t think it was the absolute fairest test we could have had.”
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NBA prospect

“It’s all surreal. I’m kind of just living in the moment, staying in the moment. But I think all those moments – the Final Four and all that – has really prepared me. But I’m sure on Thursday come draft night it’ll really sink it (that I’m going to the NBA).”
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Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“Listen, everybody in the league is lining up to try to get DeMarcus Cousins. He’s a supreme talent. The Lakers obviously have the No. 2 pick, and they have the cap space to absorb him in. But . . . if Sacramento is going to do a deal for Cousins or anybody, they don’t want draft picks. They want proven, veteran players or really talented young guys who are making an impact. They’re not trying to rebuild. George Karl is 64 years old. He’s trying to break Don Nelson’s career wins record. He wants veterans to win now. And so, for a lot of teams, the No. 2 overall pick would have a whole lot of value. I don’t think it holds as much value for the Kings.”
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KEN BERGER – 6/23/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“There’s two aspects of the risk. One is injury risk – and $100 million guaranteed is nothing to sneeze at. I don’t care what the salary cap is going to be. So if he wants to go for the security, then he would sign with the Cavs at $100 million. Then he doesn’t have to worry about all this stuff. But if he’s going to stay in Cleveland with a short-term deal, you’re right. We saw what his role was this year with this team, and it wasn’t anything like he was accustomed to. That’s going to be a factor come 2016 when he hits the free-agent market again. His value is going to be based on what his production is, and his production isn’t going to be nearly what it could be elsewhere. But remember, he had six or seven years of that in Minnesota: putting up big numbers and winning nothing. So if there’s a third layer to it, that’s what it is: the opportunity to win and be paid very well at the same time.”
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Royals third baseman

“We’re focused on going out there and trying to win baseball games. Each and every night, we’re going out and trying to win, but you see all the stuff on TV – it’s hard not to see. I think it’s crazy how many of our fans have come out and voted for us, showing how much impact we made last year during the postseason and how many people actually fell in love with the Kansas City Royals and the way we play baseball. I think it’s pretty cool.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 6/25/15
NBA.com writer

“Because once your player finds out about it – once DeMarcus Cousins finds out about it – he feels betrayed. He’s not going to give you what you need. He’s never going to buy into what you want him to as a coach, and it puts the organization in an unbelievable tight spot. Because here they are investing in DeMarcus Cousins and telling him, ‘Hey, you’re our centerpiece. You’re the guy we’re going to build around.’ And when this comes out, I think that’s why you see such push-back from the owner and Vlade Divac and other people in the organization. There’s better ways to handle this internally, and to do it the way it’s been done is really a stain on what’s going on there. They’re not moving forward as I think everybody thought they were.”
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BYRON SCOTT – 6/26/15
Lakers head coach

“But again, we didn’t base this pick on free agency. I wish the league was a little bit different where you could do the free agency first and you can go out and get guys and then, boom, you know exactly what you need in the draft. But it’s not that way. We took what we felt was the best player available and we’ll deal with the other consequences later. But it does turn out that we took a guard – we feel the best guard in the draft – and arguably one of the best players in the draft. And yeah, you got a bunch of big guys in the free-agent market that we can go after.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Jason Garrett, that’s a smart man. Jason Garrett called Dez over and said, ‘Come over and be with the team. You can make sure that there’s nothing between me and you while whatever is going on between you and the front office (gets sorted out). So you know the field is your sanctuary. They’re only going to give you $13 million this year? Come onto the field and take it out on your sanctuary.’ Jason Garrett, he’s a very smart man to make sure he keeps Dez involved like that.”
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