Adrian Peterson has restructured his contract with the Minnesota Vikings, and will reportedly receive $20 million in guarantees – $13 million in 2015 and $7 million 2016. He also has a $5 million roster bonus due in March 2016.

Peterson’s original contract, which was scheduled to pay him $12.75 million in 2015, had no guaranteed money in the final three years.

So, is Peterson a Viking for life, or is this simply, hey, let’s stay together until the kids go to college?

“I think it’s let’s stay together until the kids go to college,” NFL writer Pete Prisco said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “If you look at the way the thing is structured now, they can get out of it in a couple years and not be penalized that much. Look, if he comes out and has a good year this year, he’s going to get paid a nice amount of money. If he doesn’t and isn’t he same Adrian Peterson – which, is an assumption that everybody’s making. We think this guy is always in great shape and can go back to being the same running back. But sitting out a year? That’s good and bad. It rests your body because you’re a running back and you don’t have the carries on him for that year, but it also means you’ve been away from football for basically a year. So it’s on him. If he goes out and plays really well and is the same Adrian Peterson, he’s going to cash in big. If he doesn’t, then I think the Vikings can get out of this without much more than what they were going to pay him anyways.”

Moving to the AFC, Gottlieb asked Prisco for his thoughts on Tom Brady’s appeal. There is no timetable for Roger Goodell and the NFL to reach a decision on The Golden Boy’s future, but Prisco expects an announcement sooner rather than later.

“Well, we have to find out by early next week because the Patriots are reporting to camp, and if you’re going to camp, you have to know the circumstances of your quarterback,” he said. “I think they have a right to know that before they go to camp. Will it come on the Friday news dump? Probably. That’s the way the NFL operates. Or maybe they’ll even do it Monday morning as other teams open camp in Pittsburgh and Minnesota.”

But forget about when the announcement comes; what will the announcement ultimately be?

“Look, I still think there’s a deal behind the scenes,” Prisco said. “I think (Robert) Kraft and his gang decided we’ll take our penalty if you reduce the suspension for Brady – reduction being maybe to two, maybe to one. Now the question is will Brady take it? That might be good for Kraft and he might be willing to do that, but it’s up to Brady and there’s always the tarnished legacy talk. If he takes one game (or) two games, is he agreeing that he was involved in it? Then his legacy is tarnished. So he might want to fight this through the courts, and if he fights it through the courts, there’s a chance that it could end up going until the end of the season, and your risk there is this: What happens if the courts rule on it in early December and they rule against him and then he’s suspended for four games? So it’ll be interesting. I think it gets reduced from four to two to maybe even one.”


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