FOX Sports senior golf analyst

“We’ll be seeing a lot more of Jordan Spieth. He’s 21 years old. He’s not going anywhere.”
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BRIAN KENNY – 7/20/15
MLB Network analyst

“Because when you start to really look at it, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron have to be on that list. If you’re limiting yourself to four, who do you go with (for) the other two? Mike Schmidt was the guy that I thought was the most glaring omission.”
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NBA TV analyst

“A lot of them go rogue (and play selfishly). To see these guys say, ‘Okay, we’re going to follow the mold here that’s been cut out for us (and fill the role we’ve been asked to fill),’ I think, is important.”
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PETE PRISCO – 7/21/15 NFL writer

“I think they have a right to know that before they go to camp. Will it come on the Friday news dump? Probably. That’s the way the NFL operates. Or maybe they’ll even do it Monday morning as other teams open camp in Pittsburgh and Minnesota.”
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IAN ZIERING – 7/23/15
Star of Sharnado 3

“And she was right. I’m an actor. I get my health insurance from my union, and you have to make the quota every year to get that top-tier insurance, so I figured I was taking one for the team. I continued to read the script and I saw at the end I got to chainsaw my way out of the belly of a shark and I figured, ‘Well, this might not be so bad.’ I never thought anyone would see this movie, honestly.”
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ROY HIBBERT – 7/23/15
Lakers center

“I keep to myself during the summer. Whenever we had new additions to the team in the past, sometimes I reach out, sometimes I don’t. So I’m not going to hold it against him. I didn’t think it was going to be such a funny little incident or awkward seven seconds like it was. But no, he hasn’t. But all I know is i’m going to be ready to hit the ground running when training camp starts and to play with one of the best.”
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