DAVE BAKER – 7/27/15
Pro Football Hall of Fame president

“Last year’s ceremony was a great ceremony and they’re wonderful stories of emotion, but it lasted almost five hours long. And in some respects, we’ve got to be fair to all the guys that are in it so they all have an opportunity. What we’re doing is giving a platform to Sydney (and) not suppressing anything she wants to say. The only thing I can tell you is we’re informed by them that they understand this policy and they’re excited to be involved.”
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ROB NEYER – 7/27/15
FOX Sports MLB insider

“Obviously it’s a huge long-term commitment, and Hamels has a no-trade clause, so who knows if he would even go to Toronto. But I think that the Blue Jays have to pick up a starter, whether it’s one of those guys or James Shields or somebody else.”
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MMQB NFL analyst

“I just heard from a lawyer friend by text that the Manhattan court – I don’t even know which district that would be – is very pro-arbitrator. So when you see a pro-arbitrator, you mean they’re going to bless arbitrator Roger Goodell unless there’s something just egregious just beyond negligence in the decision.”
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Angels pitcher

“We added Shane and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. Obviously he comes with a ton of experience and he knows how to win. He’s won a World Series before and he’s a veteran player. There’s plenty of good things that could said about him. We’re excited to have him and hopefully he gets us over that hump to get to our ultimate goal of winning the division and working our way into the playoffs.”
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JACK FORD – 7/29/15
CBS News Correspondent

“So I would have a real concern if I’m Tom Brady and if I’m his lawyer and for other reasons if I’m the union lawyer. I’m just not so sure I’m saying, ‘Look, we’ll answer some questions, we’ll help you along here, but you don’t get to dive into everything this man has in his personal life.’”
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DANA WHITE – 7/29/15
UFC president

“Anybody with heavy hands and knockout power can change everything in one punch. There’s never a case where you should go in and let somebody stay in the fight. You’ve seem it in boxing, though. There’s been fights in boxing where a guy wanted to punish another guy (when) he could put him away, and he backs off and lets him get off the ropes so he can punish him some more. It’s been done before. But you don’t want to do that. You want to go in and finish a fight as fast and as decisively as you can.”
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Eagles running back

“A lot of guys do things differently, so it doesn’t really bother me and it’s not a big adjustment for me. There’s somethings that they do throughout the course of the season and throughout the course of minicamp and OTAs that I’ve done in the past and maybe other teams didn’t do, but I’m excited. I don’t mind change. I don’t mind fresh new starts. So I’m excited to see what the future holds. We’re looking forward to a great season.”
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JON HEYMAN – 7/30/15
CBS Sports MLB insider

“I was close, but I do think they need to get another reliever. The market is flush with very good back-end relievers. It doesn’t have to be (Craig) Kimbrel and (Aroldis) Chapman. They’re the two best closers in the game, and they’re both on the market. Obviously if it’s them, that’s even better – but I still think they need pen.”
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