As a result of his lawsuit against the NFL, Tom Brady’s emails have been made public record, and Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel has read darn near every one of them.

You want to know what he found out about Brady?

“He’s very boring,” Wetzel said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “The guy goes to sleep supposedly at like 8:30 every night because it will extend his career. For a guy who has four Super Bowl titles, looks as he does, has this much money and is married to a Brazilian super model, he is a dreadfully boring person. I think the most fired up he got was over the pool cover.”

Brady apparently spent more than $8,500 on a pool cover but was angry because he wanted a white one, not the gray one he actually bought.

“That seemed to be the most passion,” Wetzel said. “He just does his thing. So it’s not like the Tiger Woods secret life got unveiled here.”

While Brady may come off like a diva in some of his emails, the NFL might come off even worse. The longer this saga goes, the more it looks like the league was looking for reasons to punish Brady and the Pats.

“I think throughout this thing, Brady and the Patriots have looked better and better and I think the NFL has looked worse and worse,” Wetzel said. “I have written so much about this. I have read and studied everything on this, and look, I am not going to come on here and say, ‘Hey, the Patriots didn’t do it’ or ‘Boy, this isn’t suspicious.’ I liken it to any kind of criminal case where the district attorney doesn’t charge because something suspicious might have happened, but they don’t have a case. The NFL – and I’ve written this from the start – just has never been able to prove a case against the New England Patriots if you’re not a lemming and fall for what you’re trying to put out there to get the Patriots, much of which is not true. So they’ve waged a PR campaign against the Patriots. Whether it’s telling the Patriots their footballs are way under-deflated or the Chris Mortensen report or just coincidentally getting the Brady-destroyed-the-cell-phone story out there to suck up all the oxygen out of it – all of those things are out there.

“But if you’re willing to take a moment and get past the smoke and look at it not as a PR spin (or a) political campaign, there just isn’t any evidence,” Wetzel continued. “They don’t have really good evidence. They don’t even know if the footballs were deflated in a scandal that’s now seven months going on about footballs being deflated. I don’t know what else you can really say about how ridiculous this thing is, but they should have dropped this sucker early on and said, ‘Look, we don’t have enough to prosecute.’ It’s like the Jameis Winston deal at Florida State. I did tons of work on that. I completely agree with the state’s attorney down there who said, ‘We can’t prosecute this case. There’s no way to win.’ And so you just got to say, ‘Hey, that’s how life works.’ The NFL instead doubled down, tried to spin, tried to attack, made up information – they’ve done everything they can instead of just saying, ‘We don’t really know what happened with these footballs. Knock it off. We’ll fine you 200 grand. Let’s call it a day.’ Instead they have gone full boat to get Brady and the Pats.”


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